GROW Live 2020 FREE Videos

With GROW Live 2021 approaching quickly… the 15-17th September will be here before you know it!

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to give you a flavour of what GROW Live 2021 will be like by re-sharing with you five talks from GROW Live 2020.

Teresa Brooks

Simon Clements

Chris Dawes

Rick Notley

Alison Reeves

The full line up for GROW Live 2021 will be announced 1st July and tickets will be available from 30th July!

Fun Idea for Pancake Day!

Here’s a quick idea for your social media for Pancake Day (Tuesday 16th February)

Why don’t you tell a joke! It’s a simple idea and you just need to create a two pictures per joke (using a design software such as Canva) and then post on your social channels.

If you are wondering why two pictures….. you need to design one for the question and another for the answer. I can of course just use picture but two pictures gives you the freedom to post the question and the answer at different times plus…. if you are posting on integral people will have to swipe to see the answer!

10 Pancake jokes to get you started….

  • Did you hear about the angry pancake? He just flipped.
  • What did the young pancake say to the old burnt pancake? I don’t like your flip side.
  • How do you make a pancake smile? Butter him up.
  • What’s the best pancake topping? More pancakes.
  • When the little boy was making pancakes why did the batter run away? Because it said crack 2 eggs then beat it!
  • I can’t believe it’s pancake Tuesday again. Honestly, it just crêped up on me.
  • If anyone else makes a bad joke about ‘tossing’ on Pancake Day, I will batter them.
  • My dad always makes the pancakes too thin… I shouldn’t have to put up with this crêpe.
  • You’d batter believe it’s Pancake Day today
  • These pancakes are flipping delicious!

Let us know how you get on and have fun!!

Books I’ve read in 2020!

Reading in 2020 has become one of the daily habits that I love. As well as books, I’ve really gotten into reading comics again and this will continue in 2021 and beyond. 

Hare’s my 2020 reading list:

  1. Instant Systems- Bradley J. Sugars
  2. The Enchiridion- Epictetus 
  3. The Wisdom Of Crowds- James Surowiecki
  4. Big Bang Disruption- Larry Downes and Paul Nunes 
  5. Life 3.0- Max Tegmark
  6. The Tao of Pooh- Benjamin Hoff 
  7. Good to Great- Jim Collins
  8. 7 highly habits of highly effective people- Stephen R. Covey
  9. Think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill
  10. Start with WHY- Simon Sinek
  11. Contagious- Jonah Beger
  12. Building a story brand- Donald Miller
  13. The One Thing- Gary Keller with Jay Papasan 
  14. How to be brilliant- Michael Hepplewhite
  15. Oversubscribed: Daniel Priestly
  16. Business For Punk: James Watt (BrewDog)
  17. Calibrate: Christian Wilson

So….. what books have you read this year and what books do I need to read in 2021?

Let us know by posting below!

New Year’s Day Marketing Ideas

The New Year is a great time to start to engage your audiences after they have had a relax during Christmas.  It’s also the time when people review the last 12 months and think about what they want to achieve in the following year so why not make the most out of it a and produce something special for your audience!

Take a look at these 10 ideas for you to think about ……….

  1. Create a Happy New Year’s Day post. 
  2. What are your you or your team looking forward to this year? 
  3. Started a daily bog or podcast. 
  4. Create a downloadable gift for them to keep. 
  5. Send out a newsletter to your subscribers. 
  6. Start a monthly challenge to kick of the new year strong. 
  7. Produce a daily activity list for people to involved with (that they can download or subscribe to).
  8. Promote your new services that you’ll be launching that year. 
  9. Share trends within your industry. 
  10. Set a special discount for the year if they sign up for it today!
  11. Or….. Spend the day away from social media 

Whatever you do…. start thinking about this now rather than wait until the day itself.  If you don’t, it’s going to be too late and you would of missed the boat! 

The Six Statistics to be checked each month

Photo 24-10-2018, 07 36 42

Love them or hate them, analytics tell the story of your social media. Regular reviews of your analytics on your website and social media platforms can give you an idea of what content you need to produce, what time to post and how often to post to get the maximum engagement and give your connections the best chance of interacting with your content.

When I complete my monthly social media reviews, I look at these 6 measures:

  • Page Views
  • People visiting your page
  • Amount of posts you are sending out
  • The number of impressions your posts are generating
  • New Followers
  • Top Three performing posts

There are more statistics you could look at but by just focussing on these, you will get a good all-round view of your social media and it only takes 20-30 minutes to do.

Remember, the analytics just tell the story up to this point so you can control and change your strategy if it isn’t working for you or your audience.

Page Views

It is really useful to monitor how many people are visiting your page. Whilst they are looking at your content, they are in your world and this is where your content will shine. As an idea, you want this number to increase and this will happen by increasing the posting frequency, inviting people and talking about your page and posting more engaging content.

People visiting your page

I love this statistic as this gives you a true gauge of how many people you have reached, by them actively viewing your page. This number will be smaller than the page views as the same person could well visit your page a number of times but as a rule, you want to see this number increase over time.

Amount of posts you are sending out

Posting on any social media platform need to be consistent so people know when you are sending out your posts. Also this makes it easier for you to manage when you will be posting. By tracking this number and cross reference this to the impressions, you will start to see what frequency works best for you. I have tried anything from three times a week to twice a day and it all depends on your audience and how often they go onto LinkedIn.

The amount of impression your posts are generating

The amount of impressions of your posts could be the most important number as this is the amount of times your posts has been seen. You want to make sure this is rising and this will vary depending on the type of content, how much content you send out and how many times people have interacted with it.

New Followers

I think it’s fair to say that you would like your connections and people following your page to increase month on month. Again, by knowing how many followers you have compare to the previous month, you can make better decisions about what content you will release to them.

Top Three performing posts

I think that regardless of the platform, you should know what you top performing posts are. If you do, you can then replicate these and keep doing more. Things to look at are the type of post (is a link, a blog, a Podcast, video etc), what time you released it and what interaction it had.

Let us know how you get on!!

Celebrating International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is coming up on 8th March (#IWD2020) so I wanted to celebrate the inspirational women who we have featured on The Grow Show so far!

Our guest have talked about topics ranging from Dance, Facebook Groups, Networking, Alternative Therapies, Coaching, Planning plus much, much more!!

Hope you enjoy the shows and please subscribe to get all of the latest episodes before anyone else!!

10 Ted Talks To Watch

Here are 10 brilliant TED Talks that will help you level up your marketing!

How to start a movement by Derek Sivers!

Why you should make useless things by Simone Giertz

Learning to look up again – controlling your smartphone addiction by Ross Sleight

Conquering Fear by Geoff Thompson

Do schools kill creativity? By Sir Ken Robinson

How Netflix changed entertainment and where it is headed? by Reed Hastings

How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek

What your smart devices know (and share) about you!

Live-streaming my life by Emma McGann

How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas by Manoush Zomorodi

Let me know what your favourite TED talks are and hope you enjoy these!

What are your top tips for LinkedIn? Here are 10 of mine!

Top Tips for LinkedIn.PNG

Post consistently each day
This is something I have been doing for a while and it works. Being on peoples timeline is really important. Posting once a day works well on LinkedIn even if it is posting where you will be that day. Having your key messages already worked out will help you this process.

Post an article each week
An article will stay on your profile and by posting once a week will get people more engaged in what you do. Also, if you share these articles within LinkedIn then it will be shown to more people.

Use pictures and videos in your posts
A picture or a video will get more engagement than a plain text post so include a relevant (or irrelevant) picture with every post. If you are including a web link in the post and it creates a hyperlink, maybe reconsider the picture.

Do not be too formal, LinkedIn is changing!
A few years ago, LinkedIn was somewhere to find a job but things are changing. It is a place to share latest news, hints and tips and tell people what is happening in your world. It is still more formal than Facebook but the walls are breaking down.

Talk to people and engage with other peoples posts
This has been a common thread on all the platforms, do not post and run!! It is so important to talk to people and let people know you like their messages. Expressing an opinion is OK!

Great place to share Blogs and Website Links
LinkedIn is a great place to share your Latest News, Pictures, Blogs and Website links. You will certainly have different people on this platform than the other platforms so you will be sharing your content with a new audience.

Post in groups to talk to people who are not 1st connections of yours
Groups are great for engagement and a brilliant way of building your network online. Remember, do not just spam these with #buymystuff posts but use them to connect, engage and educate the members in your particular field. Join and engage with groups and if you can, set one up for yourself!

Tell people where you are and what meetings you have had
As LinkedIn is a strong business community, sharing where you have been and where you are going to be is a great idea. By telling people where you will be, you are inviting people to arrange meetings with you while you are in the area. This is great if you have gaps in your diary!

Use the search people to find and talk to people in your target locations or
If you are looking for introductions into a certain location, company or industry, you can search for these and connect with people already in those fields. This makes expanding your network, gaining new clients and strengthening existing customers easier.

Send personal messages for birthdays and anniversaries
You will get a notification when it is someone’s birthday or they are celebrating a work anniversary. You will have the choice to send a template message and this (for me) is a big NO NO! Make it personal to the person and please never use the template!

So, How many are you doing? Hope you enjoyed this tips and if you have any, please let me know!!

9 tips for making sure your Facebook Live is Fantastic!

 9 tips- FB Live.PNG

If you are going to do a live performance, there are a few tips that I used when I did my 4NTV Live that I wanted to share with you that helped me. There are so much more tips that could be talked about but here are the main 9 points that I feel are important for you to know.

Before the Live Streaming

Plan what you will say

This sounds like it would be common sense but we need to know what content you will be covering. You should say it out loud before hand and have notes to hand if there is a chance you might lose your focus. Make sure these are bullet pointed to make it easier to read.

Choose a location that will work

Make sure the location has got a good internet connection, is quiet and will work for the streaming. Try to cut out any external noise, humming from machinery and see if you can stop people interrupting you when you will be doing it.

Check the following:

Have you done and checked the following:

– Told people when it will be so they can join in.

– Created a Facebook Event and invited people to it.

– Already done one live as a test to make sure the connection, lighting, banner positions and computer layout works.

– Made sure that the settings are correct on the recording device (such as mirroring on Facebook Live) and there is enough storage to hold the recording.

During the Live Streaming

If you are going live, make sure you set up with plenty of time

I got to my location 1 hour before the live streaming to make sure everything was ok (even tho I had tested it the previous day). This meant I had time to respond to messages and promote it beforehand, make sure all of the equipment was still ok and I had a cup of coffee and a glass of water for during the Live Streaming (it is surprising how dry your throat goes!).

Stick to the plan

During the Live Streaming, you will get comments from people and questions that you will want to answer. Make sure you are in control of these and plan in sections of the presentation when you answer these and have time to read them. Also, if you said it will be within a certain time frame, stick to it and do not go over.

Engage with the audience if it is going out live

Start the recording with a powerful opening welcome and say hello to the people who have joined you. Invite them to share the broadcast with other (Especially if it is on Facebook) and see how they are all doing. Encourage them to press the like buttons and ask them questions. Expect a delay in the questions coming through (as people will have to type these out) and also the internet will add the slight delay as well.


After the Live Streaming

Share, Share and Share again

If you are recording this on Facebook Live, you can save this onto your phone so you have the file (which you can upload to Youtube or other video platforms). You can also trip the video out and use the audio as a Podcast and share it on Audioboom, Soundcloud, iTunes and so many more platforms.

On Facebook itself, you can share the post in groups, business pages and with your following. This is the brilliant thing about Facebook Live, the video stays on your timeline and does not delete after so many hours. This means if people missed the original show, they can catch up with the content at a later date.

Blog about it

You can just release a great piece of content so why not use it again on a different platform and link it to a blog. That way you can share the post to a wider audience that might not be connected with you on Facebook. You could also send this out to your database if you wanted to (which is exactly what I did).

Use the content on different platforms

As I mentioned above, Use this URL and content on as many platforms as possible. Not everyone will have time to watch a 30-minute live video at a certain time or even 30 minutes to watch a video at a time that suits them. It is really important to have the content in a blog post, Podcast or on different social media sites so they can see and absorb the content when they are ready.

This also means you are using your content wisely as it is serving one or more platforms which will save you time!

Hope these hint and tips help!