Event Organisation and Support

Let us take the pressure off you at your event!

We love events at GROW Marketing and Media (that’s where we started our social media journey) and we understand that as event organisers, you have many different tasks that you have to deal with whilst the event is going on.

This is were we can step in and help you communicate to your social media audiences before, during and after the event itself so you don’t have to!

Our packages available to event organisers

Store Opening Social Media Coverage

Starting from £50 per hour

If you are opening a new retail store, community centre/project or business property, let us help you take pictures, videos or live stream at your event to document this special occasion.

Award Ceremony Social Media Coverage

Starting from £300 per evening

Covering Awards are very special as emotions are high and we love to capture the smiles and energy at the event. This means using a mix of photos, videos, live streaming and event recording audio and creating a podcast around it.

Festival Social Media Coverage

Starting from £400 per day

From Art to Food and from Markets to Fairs, we have covered single and multiple day events to give your following on social media a chance to see what is happening and to attend the event itself (or re-visit after the event has finished).

Previous Event Clients

Other Services Available

Here are some other services that we have performed for clients

  • Hosting and comparing at talks (in-person and on-line)
  • Hosting online networking and talks (via Zoom)
  • Hosting strategy meetings in the lead up to the event
  • Creating videos and live streamed content in the lead up to the event
  • Created a Podcast series around the event

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