Podcast Training Options

Looking to start your own Podcast

Podcasting is a fantastic way of sharing your story with your audience. We know that it might seem daunting starting your own Podcast so we have created a number of training options to get you up to speed and support you through the process.

Upcoming Events

Find out when the next podcasting training events are taking place

8 Week Launch Challenge

Starting on 5th April 2021

5 Day Free Podcast Challenge

Starting on 3rd May 2021

Podcast Webinar Series

Starting on 7th June

Become a member of The Podcasting Centre

Launching in March 2021, you can become a member of The Podcasting Centre and get daily activities, weekly lives to take your Podcast to the next level!

Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks

Working with Gary over the course of the 8 weeks, you will not only have the skills to produce a brilliant Podcast, but also have a Podcast that you will be proud of.

Have no time to produce your Podcast?

Over the last three years, we have produced and project managed a number of different Podcasts both in person and virtually. If you want us to take care of this for you, take a look at the different options here!

Or You Can Learn At Your Own Pace

We understand that it may be daunting to start your own show and you might need to have many chats along the way. If so, you can book in for a call with Gary to discuss any issues on an ad-hoc basis.

What People Say

“I wanted to add a podcast to my marketing mix but had no idea where to start.

Gary guided me through with ideas on what content and format would work, took me through recording the episodes then took full control of the publishing and design – all things I don’t have the skill or knowledge to do myself.

Bookkeeping Basics podcast would not exist with Gary’s expertise and support”.

Alison Mead- Bookkeeping Basics Podcast

Exclusive Offer

Book a FREE call to get your show going!

Who doesn’t like a freebie? If you want a quick chat about an idea for your show, book in for a chat with Gary!