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Since 2015, Grow Marketing and Media have been helping businesses tell their story online. 

Whether it’s creating content for your marketing, improving you or your teams skill-set in person or via Zoom, covering your event on social media or creating a challenge or workshop for your organisation, we want to give the skills to tell your story with confidence at every opportunity you get.

Over the last few years, Grow Marketing and Media have become experts in these three pillars.

Social Media Management & Content Creation

From posting on your social media to creating content such as newsletters.

Telling your story through Podcasting

From where to listen to how to maximise your own show, we can help you.

Video or Live Streaming Support

Does the idea of doing a video or live streaming scare you? Let’s have a chat!

Are you struggling to tell your story?

Over the years I have seen people struggle to get their messages and stories online for a number of different reasons. This could be because of not knowing how to use the different social media platforms, how to phase their marketing messages or how to promote their up-coming event.

If that is you, let’s have a chat as I can help you clarify your messages, show you how to use that piece of technology or get the most out of a social media platforms in a 1-2-1 session over Zoom.

Welcome to GROW Radio

On 14th September 2022, we launched a BRAND NEW Radio Station dedicated to Podcasts called GROW Radio.

Our ethos at GROW Radio is…

“To give everyone the opportunity to share and learn through stories and experiences”

How to start your own Podcast

Podcasting is a fantastic way of sharing your story with your audience. We know that it might seem daunting starting your own Podcast so we have created a 5 Day Podcast Free Challenge, Podcast Webinar Series, 8 Week Launch your own Podcast Challenge plus you can become a member of The Podcasting Centre to support you through the process.

GROW Live 2021

We have heard from a fantastic line-up of speakers, including Stefan Thomas, Stacey Calder, Brad Burton, Croz Crossley, Sheena Whyatt and Chris Dawes.

GROW Live 2020

Over two days in September 2020, we heard from 28 different speakers in a range of talks, workshops and live interviews!

Come and join The Grow Community!

We have a vibrant and supportive community helping business owners and community leaders on Facebook called The Grow Community. It is free to join and we post daily activities or ideas to get your marketing buzzing, monthly lives to help you grow your skills, your business and your community plus there are lot’s of opportunities to promote yourselves (and your services) to the rest of the members.

We would love to see you in The Grow Community with us!

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