3 Steps to Podcasting Success Webinar Series


If you are looking to learn more about podcasting and how it could fit onto your business, this video series will help you understand the world of podcasting.

Each video lasts approx 30 minutes and covers topics such as creating your show, what to do on recording day, editing and production of your show plus how to the marketing of your show



Welcome to the 3 Steps to Podcasting Success Webinar Series!

In this video series, you will see a video presentation of the webinars

Each webinar lasts approx 30 minutes and covers the following topics….

  • Webinar One: Creating your idea
  • Webinar Two: Setting up and recording day
  • Webinar Three: Marketing your show

Share your story, start a great conversation!

Podcasting is a proven technology. You probably think that you are late to the podcast party. But just imagine yourself in a room full of strangers, you will be surprised to find that not many people have a Podcast.

Having a podcast will set you apart from the competition. It is therefore still early days to jump on the podcasting bus.

So why not jump on the bus?

It is an easy, fun and inspiring course where you will learn by doing. More than that, you will have the access to a great community of peers, friends and people that keep you accountable.

Hope you enjoy the series!

Plus….. You can currently book into for a FREE 30 minute 1-2-1 session to discuss your podcast!


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