The Grow Show

In June 2019 we launched the BRAND NEW Podcast called “The Grow Show”.

This fortnightly show will feature some of the top business owners to help you grow yourself, grow your business and grow your community!

Season 1…..

  • Brad Burton- Life, Business and Mindset
  • Stefan Thomas- Networking
  • Kirk Pickstone- His Journey
  • Stacey Calder- Social Media
  • Teresa Brooks- Coaching
  • Robert Leat- Fitness
  • Kimba Cooper- Instagram
  • Paul Doran- Happiness

Season 2….

  • Keith Blackmore-Noble- Overcoming Fears
  • Charlotte Cooper- Dancing
  • Chris Ramsbottom- Alternative Therapy
  • Emma Watson- Planning
  • Stefan Wesley- Digital Marketing
  • Beach Craft Spirits- Mindset and Alcohol
  • Angus Grady- LinkedIn Masterclass!
  • Fergus Matheson- Podcasting
  • Simon Clements- Branding and Design
  • Michael Kearney- Business Growth
  • Alison Mead- Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Duncan Price- Sleep, anxiety and hypnosis
  • Rob Cameron- Coaching and Mindset
  • Veronic Hugger- Intermittent Fasting
  • Adam Collins- Digital Marketings

Mini grow show….

  • What is the Mini Grow Sho.w?
  • Ideas and Inspiration
  • Creating Content
  • Growing Yourself

COVID-19 Special….

  • Croz Crossley- Mindset and Corona Virus
  • Emma-Louise Fusari- 7 Health Tips for Desk Dwellers
  • Robert Leat- Exercising at Home
  • 10 Things to do on social media TODAY
  • What content should you be creating, sharing and planning?
  • How you can create your own online challenge
  • 10 ways to become more creative TODAY!
  • Why Wait?
  • 10 Ways to GROW Yourself
  • 10 Ways to GROW your business
  • 10 Ways to GROW your community
  • Marketing lessons learnt from Back to the Future

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