Are you ready for a challenge?

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Welcome to the 14 Day Challenge! This is where we will be focussing on one particular section of social media for 14 Days to make you more confident in that area!

During each of the challenges, I will be giving you all my knowledge about the chosen subject with daily activities to help you plan, learn and practice these skills.

Here are the different topics we will be covering and the links to sign up to them!

3rd September- 14 Day Video Challenge Launch
24th September- 14 Day Creating Content Challenge Launch

15th October- 14 Day LinkedIn Challenge Launch

5th November- 14 Day Twitter Challenge Launch
26th November- 14 Day Instagram Challenge Launch

10th December- 14 Day Facebook Challenge Launch

Each day you will be asked to complete the four steps!

Step 1- Watch the daily video which gives you a summary of the day.
Step 2- Read our newsletter which gives you more information about the topic.
Step 3- Take a look at the link for further reading to gain more insights.
Step 4 Complete the daily challenge for you to post on your social media or our Facebook Group.

The price of an individual 14 Day Challenge is £25 and will include access to the closed Facebook Group to answer any questions you have and connect with others taking the challenge.

You can sign up before the event via the Eventbrite link. After the challenge has started, it will be available once it has finished. I will send you an invoice within 24 hours with the payment will need to be paid within 5 days of the signing up.

You can sign up to the Complete 14 Day Challenge Series. If you wanted to sign up of all of these, you will receive a discount of £50 as it will only cost you £100!.

This is going to be a fun ride and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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