5 Ways To Grow Your Business

There are the 5 main ways that I can help your business:

1. 1-2-1 Training Sessions- £50 per hour

These sessions happen every month either in person or via Skype. In these sessions, we can talk about any issues you are facing online ranging from creating content to post, how to navigate the platforms, how to increase your awareness and so much more!

2. Monthly Review of your Social Media- Starting from £75 per month

I can review your social media platforms and website statistics to make sure you are posting the right type of content at the right times to your target audience. We will then get at least three simple actions to focus on for that month to drive you towards your goal. There are three different levels of this service depending on what type of information you would like me to review and the level of accountability you would like.

3. Social Media Management (including Blogs and Email Campaigns)- Starting from £300 per month

If you do not want to manage your social media or you haven’t got time then let me! We will have weekly meetings which I will create the messages for you and then manage the account for you. This includes replying to people, sharing new content or other people’s content and can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (or all four platforms). This service can also include Email Campaigns, Blogs, Podcasts and YouTube Videos.

4. Make your own Podcast/Video Series- Starting from £200 per series.

I can sit down with you create your very own Podcast/Video series to post online. This can be used on any platform and creates a brilliant asset for your business. We can work through a plan for the series, create the content before sharing this on social media or a hosting platform (to then post this on social media).

5. Cover your event on Social Media- Starting from £200 for 2 hours

The easiest way to fill your event is to showcase the event online. As an event organiser, you cannot cover the event and organise it at the same time. By getting myself to come in to cover it, I can create content to go onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that tells the story of the event to people who are not there. This is brilliant for Festivals, Award Cermonies, Sporting Events and Live Performances.

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