Meet the GROW Live 2021 Team!

Come and take a look at who are the people involved with GROW Live 2021!

Wayne Trice

Host for Day One

Wayne Trice is a professional Entertainer and MC and is delighted to be asked back to host Day 1 of GrowLive 2021

Wayne has been involved in magic for over 30 years, starting at Davenports Magic in London at the point they had re-started the Demon Club, their club for young Magicians, to ending up back there many years later but now as a teacher to a whole new generation of youngsters with an interest in magic.

He’s looking forward to a great 3 days and knows, if last years event is anything to go by, you’ll have an amazing time coupled with an astonishing, and varied, wealth of information to help you grow both personally and professionally!

Take a look at Wayne’s website:

Duncan Price

Host for Day Two

You are amazing! But like most people you probably find ways to hold yourself back and get in your own way. That’s where Duncan comes in.

With over 15 years working as a therapist and coach he spends his time empowering people to help themselves achieve more and feel better.

Take a look at Duncan’s Website:

Keith Blakemore-Noble

Host for Day Three

Keith was someone who was massively held back by a very strong social phobia – speaking with strangers, or even meeting strangers, was at best deeply uncomfortable, and at worst utterly terrifying. For far too many years.

So he did the logical thing – He pursued a 20 year career in IT with some success (becoming a Fellow of the BCS in the process).

Until one panic attack too many, which forced him to reconsider his life.

So he studied NLP and hypnosis, used those tools to conquer my own fears and phobias, and since 2010 has helped over 5,000 others around the world to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths through his coaching, speaking, books, and trainings.

Take a look at Keith’s website:

Want to talk at GROW Live 2021?

If you would like to talk at GROW Live 2021, you need to have been a guest on either The Grow Show Podcast or The Mini Grow Show before the time the applications go live.

If you would like to get onto one of these Podcasts, contact Gary TODAY!