GROW Live 2021

Come and meet all of the speakers for GROW Live 2021!

Between 15-17th September, GROW Live 2021 brought you a collection of the best speakers to help you learn, explore and network!

All of these keynote talks, workshops and questions and answers sessions are available for you to watch back and enjoy.

Wednesday 15th September

Keynote: Stefan Thomas

Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation!

How to use networking to win corporate clients. Stefan has worked with BT, Lloyds Bank, Oqema, Telecom Plus Plc, Namecheap and many other big international businesses. In 45 minutes he’ll share with you exactly how he has done it, and how you can too.

Workshop: Paul Rose

Making the most of your networking presentations!

A chance to develop a micro presentation which will create more engagement and excitement about your business. With more people wanting to know more about what you do and how they can work with you, you’ll be guaranteed to grow your business.

Q&A Session with Rick Notley and Dan Sadler
11:15-12:00 Break or Networking Session

Keynote: Croz Crossley

Slow Down You’re Going Too Fast

An intriguing journey explaining how the most powerful thing you can do to improve your life and business is to slow down and relax. Afrer 30 years Croz has discovered some unlikely secrets that will change the way you look at your business and your life.

Workshop: Keith Blakemore-Noble

Fear Is Your Friend

We explore what fear is, where it comes from, why we have fears, and what fear ACTUALLY means. We see why it’s not “false evidence appearing real”, we examine why “facing the fear and doing it anyway” is harmful, and we explore what we can do to work with our fear, understand what it is telling us, and treat it like the friend it really is.

Q&A Session with Daniel Browne, Zoe Knight and Christina Kokis
14:15-15:00 Break or Networking Session

Keynote: Sas Huntwood

Using your story to make an impact

Did you know businesses such as Nike and Google, invest heavily in storytelling? These brands use storytelling as a way how to connect with their ‘why’ and their customers’ ‘why’. Sas will show you how to create your business identity using compelling narrative.

Workshop: Karen Williams

The Smart Author System

How to write a brilliant business building book that will attract opportunities, bring in high-value clients desperate to work with you and give you expert status in your marketplace

Q&A Session with Jody Fletcher, Vicki Head and Mak Mulenga
17:15-17:30 End Of Day Review

GROW Live 2021 Catch Up

All of these keynote talks, workshops and questions and answers sessions are available for you to watch back and enjoy.

Thursday 16th September

Keynote: Brad Burton

Shooting from the hip

Join the straight talking, UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker, Brad Burton as he tells it like it is.

Like many of us over the last 18 months, he’s had to take the COVID challenge head on and adapt his entire business model as well as his mindset to just survive. Not only did he survive but he also thrived, launching 2 new businesses and helping thousands of other small businesses along the way.

Brad will share some of that experience and the lessons he has learned that we can each apply to our own business.


Workshop: Kevin Colley

How to Grow your Business

I will share the 4 things that any successful business needs, plus how adding 2 things you can get and keep all the customers you need to grow and build your business

Q&A Session with Stephen Jones
11:15-12:00 Break or Networking Session

Keynote: Chris Dawes

That thing you are afraid to ask web designer ….

I’m available to answer any questions people may have about web design. Even though’s they are afraid to ask. Nothing is off the table and they will get nothing but honest helpful advice to move them forward. Im also happy to answer any questions about running a business, motivation and personal development.

Workshop: Emma-Louise Fusari

Information Overload: Power Up Your Digital Wellbeing

Do you find it hard to switch off from tech, leaving you frustrated, stressed and burnt-out? Are you in ‘always on’ mode, impacting your personal time and relationships? Is tech consuming your life and negatively impacting your health and wellbeing?

Sound like you? Join us as this session!

Q&A Session with Kevin Ellis and Matthew Ruddle
14:15-15:00 Break or Networking Session

Keynote: David Heffernan

Dead Man walking

Over 3000 Funerals attended – 1000’s of grieving family members spoken with, Homeless at 16, Death threats – Armed Robbery, Prostitution, Offered the very real choice of facing paralysis or Certain death. Just a couple of highlights of my life – A life that I have found true contentment and now inspire 1000’s of people across the globe to find peace with their past, create contentment in the present and help them design their future as opposed to having it designed for them.

Workshop: Vicky Midwood

How Stinking is YOUR Thinking?

A fun, honest and down to earth way of looking at why you think like you do and how to change it to benefit you personally in all areas of your life

Q&A Session with Robert Leat, Chris Ramsbottom, Gareth Snelson and Ben Kelly

17:15-17:30 End Of Day Review

GROW Live 2020 FREE Videos

With GROW Live 2021 approaching quickly… the 15-17th September will be here before you know it! So with that in mind, I’ve decided to give you a flavour of what GROW Live 2021 will be like by re-sharing with you five talks from GROW Live 2020.

Friday 17th September

Keynote: Stacey Calder

Lets Get Visible!

Now, you must be bold and fearless with your ideas. There is a space for you as an expert in your industry. You just have to be brave.

Stacey has the mission of helping business owners succeed without the need for huge budgets. The myth that you cannot compete with the big boys will be debunked. Just because you don’t have Hollywood money, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an Oscar winning reputation.

Your business is a stage. You are the leading star and the expert. People count on you, so why not shout it to the hills.

Workshop: Simon Clements

The Brand Blueprint

How to build (or rebuild) your brand, so that it works that best it can … for you!

Q&A Session with Nicola Gaughan and Gary Jones
11:15-12:00 Break or Networking Session

Keynote: Sheena Whyatt

Why you need a Book of Brain….

Stop faffing, start DOING! How to implement my unique focussed planning system to help you get out of the endless planning cycle and into a productivity cycle that gives you results fast.

Workshop: Alison Mead

Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping tips to help you manage your business and know your numbers

Q&A Session with David Baum and Ron Posiwnycz
14:15-15:00 Break or Networking Session

Workshop: Duncan Price

Relax Club Special

Grow Live has teamed up with Mind Affinity to bring you this exclusive Relax Club special!

Experience the calming effects of hypnotic relaxation from the comfort of your own space. Use this time to rest as your subconscious absorbs and embraces the learnings from the event so far. You’ll end this session refreshed and ready to embrace the end of Grow Live on a high.

Keynote: Dominic Fenton

Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Hear from Dom about how he has navigated the past 18 months which included Covid, closures and a breakdown. Dom will talk about the power of reaching out and talking about your emotions as well as hear how reaching out to others really can impact your business in a “positive way”.

Keynote: Paul Newton

An interview with Paul Newton.

In the last year since Paul closed “The Grow Show” so many things have changed, moved on and grown in Paul’s world that we’ve asked him to come back. This is going to be a conversation that YOU can be part of! Get your questions in before and during the show – we will answer as many of them as we possibly can!

17:15-17:30 GROW Live 2021 Review

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