Welcome to GROW Live 2021

A virtual event to boost your mind, body and business!

Where will you find 38 speakers who are all experts in their individual fields, ranging in topics such as mindset to business growth?

Where will you find an abundance of new ideas to grow your business, your personal skills and increase your networking reach?

What is GROW Live 2021?

GROW Live 2021 Is an online personal development event to give you some fire in your belly. It is the ultimate event to help you reset, recharge and start thriving.

Starting on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at 9.00am, GROW Live 2021 will give you all the tools to grow your skills, your business nad your community.

It will give you a great opportunity to revisit personal development cornerstones as well as new exciting concepts.

This is your chance to help you and your business go forward and leave the malaise behind!

Why attend GROW Live 2021?

✅38 Mind, body and business experts sharing their skills and knowledge.

✅You will get involved in keynote talks, workshops, Q and A sessions plus networking sessions over three days.

✅Learn personal and business techniques to drive you forward.

✅Join a thriving and welcoming community of business professionals willing to share their best practices in breakout rooms and in the 6 networking sessions.

✅All on Zoom, so you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

✅After the event, you will get access to a full library of recordings.

Plus, so much more!!

GROW Live 2021 Full Line Up

This is where you will find all of the information about the speakers at GROW Live 2021!

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What People Say

“Absolutely loved being part of #GROWLive2020. A fantastic group of speakers throughout the 2 days.

Looking forward to listening back to them next week!

Same again next year?”

Stacey Calder- Business Success Network

Secure you seat at GROW Live 2021 TODAY!

Ticket Prices and Availability

If you would like to come along to GROW Live 2021, here are the prices and dates you need to know about!

Early Bird Tickets- £49

Standard Event Tickets- £99

Last Minute Tickets- £129

What will I need to attend?

  • Internet access and a comfortable chair
  • 1 Open mind
  • Pen and paper
  •  A cup of tea and a packet of biscuits (sorry, just 1 biscuit obviously)

Yes, it is that easy!

Explore GROW Live 2020

You can watch and enjoy all of the talk, workshops and Q&A sessions from 2020 for only £49!

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GROW Live 2020 FREE Videos

With GROW Live 2021 approaching quickly… the 15-17th September will be here before you know it! So with that in mind, I’ve decided to give you a flavour of what GROW Live 2021 will be like by re-sharing with you five talks from GROW Live 2020.