What happens to your marketing when you go on holiday? 

During this time of year, people take time off to spend with their family as the children break up and one of the first things that can stop is your marketing.

What can stop your marketing? 

This could be for a lot of reasons but these are some that I have personally experienced in the past:

  • Your staff goes away on holiday and you get swamped doing their work and yours.
  • One of your team does the social media and they don’t tell you that they haven’t done it.
  • Staff tells you they are doing it but they don’t!
  • A staff member is sick and you have to cover their roles as well as yours.

These things happen more than you think. With over 15 years of experience working in shops, I have seen this time and time again.
This can also happen in busy periods of the year (but as you know when these will be, you will plan for these better) or when people are off sick (which you can’t plan for).

What are the solutions?

You need to have a plan! It might sound simple but if you have a yearly plan that is split up into months then you know what is coming up. If you can then split the month into weekly messages then you can look at what is being sent out and know what’s coming up.

You can also keep an eye on what is going out and ask before they go on holiday if they have covered the social media? While they are away,  you should check this every day and respond to messages as they come along.

So, are you worried you can’t take any time off because the marketing will stop? 

Don’t be as I can help! If you need cover for 2 weeks or more then let me know. I can come into your business and look at the messages you are sending out and cover the social media till you need it.

The price of doing it per week will depend on how many platforms will be managed. It can start with £40 per week (cheaper than spending hours trying to do it yourself or not doing it at all!).

This can be done:

  • During the summer holidays
  • During periods of sickness
  • During peak times of the year.
  • Just because you don’t want to do it! (Your time is better spent talking to new customers and gaining more business).

If you need a hand then I’m here. Give me a call on 07866602507 or email me on gary@growmarketingandmedia.com

Speak to you soon!

If I was exhibiting at Art in the Park, What would I do on social media? 

Art in the Park will be taking over Jephson Gardens on the weekend of 4th and 5th August. With over 180 artists, performances and workshops going on, there is a lot to talk about and see at the event.

As someone who has success at events, social media is a great way of telling people you are going to be there and get them to come down.

Before the Event 

If I was exhibiting at Art in the Park, this is what I would do:

  1. Invite people down to the event.
  2. Tell them what items you will be exhibiting.
  3. Tell them about any competitions or giveaways you have at the event.
  4. Do video the day before reminding people to come down.
  5. Maybe do a mock up version of your stall post a picture of it?
  6. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and include the hashtag #AITP2018 in your tweets.
  7. Say hello, like and see who else is using the hashtags so during the event you know people there.
  8. Do not be afraid of telling people too much. If they miss it on Facebook then they might see it on another platform.

That’s all before the event and the more shouting you do the better. I would be talking about it on social media every day from when you read this to Art in the Park.

During the Event

On the day after you set up, this is what I would during the weekend.

  1. Take a picture of your stall when it’s ready and invite people down to it.
  2. Tell people where you at the event so they can get to easily.
  3. Record a video of you talking about your pieces and post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. When I visit your stall taking pictures for Art in the Park, Smile and be engaging in the photos!
  5. At the end of day 1 tell people again that they should come and see you tomorrow.
  6. At the start of day 2, post a small video mentioning you are back today and people should visit.
  7. Talk and retweet other people using the hashtag #AITP2018 in quiet periods. Network among your fellow artists.
  8. If you make a sale, see if the person buying is willing to have their picture taken with your art (makes a great testimonial).
  9. Thank everyone who came and tell them which event you will be at next.
  10. Make a list of exhibitors you meet and get people who go to your stall follow you on social media.

After the event is a key time to use social media to keep in touch with people you met.

I know that it might seem like a lot of work but it won’t be. I will be walking around helping people with their social media so if you need a hand then flag me down.

The best thing to do is make noise and tell people you are there. If you do it, people might come but if you don’t then they certainly won’t.

Art in the Park is a great chance to increase your brand awareness and I hope this blog helped.

See you on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August!!

Gary Jones

Art in the Park Social Media Dude!

How to use a Networking Hour on Twitter!

Four years ago, I founded Leamington Hour on Twitter. This Twitter Networking Hour happens every Wednesday between 4-5pm. It regularly has over 50 businesses on it and they focus on engagement and connecting as many people as possible.

What is a Networking Hour? 

A networking hour is an hour where people meet up and talk about a particular interest or location on Twitter.

They use the symbol # to link up the tweets and to talk to other people on the hour. They are sometimes called hashtag hours as well.

The great thing about these hours are that everyone wants to connect and engage with people on there. They are all brought together over a particular location or interest. For instance you can visit #BrumHour to engage with people in and around Birmingham or #WeddingHour for contacts, information or suppliers about weddings.

There are hundred of hours available so here are a few dos and don’t s to be aware of on any Hashtag Hour.


5 things to do on a Networking Hour

Easy to join in-

  1. Find out if your interest or location has a Hashtag Hour that you want to join and make sure you know when it is. There are apps that can help you find your nearest ones.
  2. Say hello to the hour host and use their hashtag in every tweet.
  3. Then just talk to people. It’s exactly the same principal that you would do in a face to face networking meeting. Include the #Leamingtonhour (if you are on mine) and then your conversation will go into the timeline.
  4. Favourite and Retweet any messages that you like and carry on talking to people.
  5. Follow anyone who you like and talk to them after the hour. It is all about the follow up as well as being on the hour.

It’s really that easy! If your still not sure then why don’t you come along to any hour and just read the timeline for the first time.

Some hours are busy and some are fairly quiet. You can use both to your advantage just by being engaging with people and asking questions.


5 things NOT do on a Networking Hour

  1. Just sell to people and send out buy my stuff tweets.
  2. Automate every tweet and don’t engage with people.
  3. Insult people on the hour by your views, insights, prejudices or poor spelling grammar.
  4. Go on just once and never go on again. You need to invest time and talk to the hour and get to know the people on the hour over a few weeks/few months.
  5. Dismiss them on don’t give them a go in the first place. They are excellent to get to know people in a particular interest or location.

This is my guide on what to post and when to post it.

0-15 minutes- Say hello to the host and everyone on there and see how they are doing. Gifs, videos or pictures are great for getting peoples attention. Don’t forget to use the hashtag that is associated with the hour. No selling messages just conventional. This is the peak time and so start strong!

15 minutes- First Selling Post (Could be a link to an event or a website?).

15-30 minutes- Carry on talking to existing people and say hello to new people who have joined the hour. Maybe ask a question that sparks an response or a solution you can provide. For example- If you are a VA then you could create a poll or ask the question “What would you do with 2 extra hours per day?” This way the people on the hour will start thinking at some level they might that persons help.

30 minutes- Second Selling Post (Could be a picture, link or a service that you offer).

30- 45 minutes- This is where the hour will pick up new people as they might of forgotten the hour had started. For evening hours, this is the second busiest time. Organise any 1-2-1’s that you want to do with the people who you want to speak to further as they might need to go if they have been at the start

45 minutes- Third Selling Post (Could be a link to a newsletter, Free article, blog etc).

45-55 minutes- This is when the hour could get a little slower so keep with talking to people that joined in between 30-45 minutes bracket. Maybe post another a Fourth Selling Post if you want too but make it a different one from the other three.  

55 minutes- 1 hour- Thank the host and say goodbye to people, Organise any 1-2-1’s that you want to do with the people who you want to speak to further.

Hope you found this useful and if you would like to find out more information about this, come onto #LeamingtonHour on Wednesday at 4:00 till 5:00pm