Things to do in September!

things to do

Each month, I will be sharing with you some of the best Articles, Videos, Talks and Books to help you grow yourself and your business. Here are a few highlights that I wanted to share with you this month!

Top Three Articles to Read…

  1. If you are looking to make social media more fun and challenge yourself, have a look at our  Social Media Scorecard Guide.
  2. Want to start talking to people on Twitter? Here is my guide on How to use Networking Hours on Twitter!
  3. Want to start Networking? Here are My Top Networking Tips

Top Three Ted Talks to Watch:

  1. This is both scary and funny! What your smart devices know (and share) about you
  2. Making a big decision in your life, watch this before making it. Conquering Fear 
  3. This is a classic and it works!  How to get your ideas to spread

Three books to read this month:

  1. This book is packed with marketing gold! Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck
  2. If you wondered how you can fit more into your day, The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington will help!
  3. Have you heard of sales funnels but you haven’t got a clue where to start? Sales Funnels Made Simple by Barry Allaway

Oooh by the way, I am launching The 14 Day Challenges his month so if you wanted to learn more about Video, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and so many other topics, CLICK HERE  now!

Have a great September and let me know a what you thought of the articles, videos and books this month!

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3 Things to do on Social Media NOW!

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Every day I talk to people about social media and a few of them have asked me “what should I start doing?”. There are many things that I would recommend but the ones in this blog would have the most impact.

So, here are the top three things I would recommend people do straight away!

Stop selling and start talking!
Most people go onto social media and put posts out and not interact with people. This is forgetting the “Social” part of social media. You will gain more business and talk to more people by spending 80% of your time talking to people and the following 20% of your time selling.

The benefit of this is when they do see your selling posts, they will be more interested as they have spoken to you and like you.

Make sure you are posting consistently on the platforms that your customers are on. 
If you haven’t posted in the last day on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or LinkedIn then write a post and send it out. Most people do not post enough and as social media moves so quickly, your new visitor might have missed your posts. Aim to post on Facebook and LinkedIn once a day, Instagram- twice a day and Twitter- five times a day.

Post a picture, video or a Facebook Live
Pictures, Videos, and Live Streaming are brilliant tools that some people love or hate. The truth is they have a few brilliant benefits for people who do them:

  1. They get better engagement than a post with just text.
  2. People will look at them for longer and more likely to interact with them.
  3. They accelerate the buying process as people feel they already know you.
  4. They actually save you time as you can use this content on each of the different platforms (just keep videos between 60-90 seconds long and they will be ok on each platform).
  5. You will get better the more you do them. In the next few years, videos are only going to get more prominent on social media and I personally want to make all my mistakes now rather than then!

If you are not sure about what to post, give the viewers a top tip, talk about a Blog, your story or where you have been today. The best bit? You don’t have to post it if you don’t want to but at least you have practiced it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and please do not be afraid to do any of the above. The worst thing to do is not post at all!

Speak to you soon!

Welcome to the 14 Day Challenge!

Welcome to the 14 Day Challenge!

This is where we will be focussing on one particular section of social media for 14 Days to make you more confident in that area!

During each of the challenges, I will be giving you all my knowledge about the chosen subject with daily activities to help you plan, learn and practice these skills.

Here are the different topics we will be covering (and when they will become available):

3rd September- 14 Day Video Challenge Launch
17th September- 14 Day Instagram Challenge Launch

1st October- 14 Day LinkedIn Challenge Launch
15th October- 14 Day Twitter Challenge Launch

5th November- 14 Day Creating Content Challenge Launch
19th November- 14 Day Facebook Challenge Launch

At the start of each challenge, you will get an E-Book with Hints Tips as well as a Workbook to support you. During the challenge, you will have access to an exclusive Facebook Group to ask any questions and also receive Daily Emails giving you guidance and support.

There will be two options for tickets:

Individual Challenges are priced at £25 each or you can sign up for the all of the 14 Day Challenges for £75 and tickets are available HERE!

This is going to be a fun ride and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Say Hello to the Social Media Scorecard!

Hello and welcome to the Social Media Scorecard!

This scorecard has been made to help you get the most out of social media whilst adding a little bit of fun into it. It is aimed at businesses and if you follow it, you will improve your digital footprint which in turn will increase awareness to your brand. It will also give you a guide to follow if you are not sure how and when to post (plus giving people a challenge!).

There are four really simple rules:

Each part is worth 4 points and all scores are out of 100
You are only trying to beat your previous score, everyone has the same goal as you
The only person you are cheating if you make up your score is yourself
If you score a perfect 100, you need to prove how you did it

It is really that simple! If you start using this, you will find that you will start to see the following benefits:

You will be increasing your digital footprint
You will be creating new and exciting content
You will be holding yourself accountable
You will have a greater understaning of what works, and what doesn’t


Are you ready to begin? Let’s get going!

Things to do in August!

things to do

Each month, I will be sharing with you some of the best Articles, Videos, Talks and Books to help you grow yourself and your business. Here are a few highlights that I wanted to share with you this month!

Top Three Articles to Read…

  1. Art in the Park Social Media Guide
  2. My Top Ten Networking Tips
  3. 5 Things to do at every event 

Top Three Ted Talks to Watch:

  1. How Netflix changed entertainment and where it is headed? 
  2. Want to be more creative? Go for a Walk! 
  3. How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas

I would love you to share your own videos and articles with me so if you have any that you would like to appear on this list, let me know!



Have you signed up for the 14 Day Video Challenge that starts in September?

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5 Things to do at any event!

Social media is a great way of telling people you are any event, allowing fans of your work to come see you. To help, I have put together this useful 5 Things to do list to help you make the most of your event.

5 Things to do at eventsTake a selfie or record a video to tell people you are here!

This is your chance to tell your audience, on each of your social media platforms, that you are at the event and that they should come and visit you! The easiest way is to take a picture of your stall (so they can see what you are exhibiting and can see you easier when they get there), or take a selfie at your stall or by the events logo, poster or event organisers/volunteers.

Take a photo of your stand to show what’s available

You can whet peoples appetites as to what you will have on your stall! Make people want to seek out your stall and what you are exhibiting/selling!

Find out what the hashtag is for the event

This is a brilliant way to talk to fellow exhibitors, let visitors know you are there and show the organisers you are interested in the event online. People who are not at the event could also see your post and if they need a product or service you are offering, they might come and visit you which might lead to a sale either now or in the future.

Connect with other people at the event on social media

Every vendor who you meet at the event would no doubt be happy for you to follow their social media pages. Think about their Facebook Business Pages, Personal Page (dependent on how well you know them), Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels. This is networking without the stress!

This is also a great opportunity to talk to the organiser of the event and see if they have any upcoming events that you could become involved in. They may have other opportunities for you that could raise your profile even more (including exhibiting, sponsoring, supplying items for gift bags etc).

Have a sign up form to thank people for coming to your stand after the event!

This is your chance to build, or add, to your email list! Keep your audience updated on new pieces, where you will be exhibiting next, and any special offers you might have. This can be done electronically on a tablet or phone (using a platform like Mailchimp) or you could print off a sign up sheet. Just be careful about the security of the data and being GDPR compliant.


If you would like to see more hints and tips, take a look at this Social Media Guide that I produced for the Art in the Park Festival.

Good luck and let me know how you got on!

3 Key Tips to get the most out of your Business. 

I was thinking while I was walking the dog about my business and how I could grow the brand in the next few years.

I then remembered a podcast where they posed 3 questions that all business owners should know and be able to answer easily.

These three questions are:

Do you know what your Business is?

Do you know what your Product is?

Do you know who your Customer is?

Let’s look into these a little deeper!

1. Do you know what your Business is?

It sounds simple but do you actually know your business? Can you explain to a 4 year old? Do you know what your USP is? Do you know what your competitors are doing? Are you doing the same as your competitors or are you being a purple cow?

2. Do you know what your Product is?

What are your products that you sell? Do you know how they are different to your competitors? How can your products help your customers? Do you have a product hierarchy? Do you have a loss leader? Have you got a high value product?

3. Do you know who your Customer is?

Who is your ideal customer? Do you know what your current customers have in common? Do you keep in contact with your previous customers? Have you got a plan to get more customers based on your ideal customer? How can you add value to your existing customers so they can refer you?

All of these ideas are not new and they shouldn’t come as a surprise. If they are then think about them and look into them more deeply. I reckon if you can do this for your business and build a plan around this then you will be more successful than you currently are.

If you want to talk about each of the topics more then please let me know. I did this with my business and it helped with creating a strategy to help me develop my brand.

All the best and take care!

8 ways to make your social media more vibrant!

8 ways pictire.PNG

I see a lot of mistakes happening on social media. In the past, I have made a lot of them myself (and probably more!)
This could be down to not having the skills, getting bored and falling into a rut, not having enough time so you are scheduling everything – or something else entirely.
Either way, here are 8 ways you can freshen up your social media and become more engaging which might also give you a few new ideas if you fall into any of the above (or please share this if you know anyone who does!).
Make sure your profiles are complete. 
Your profile page on social media could be the difference in making a sale and losing a sale. It is your chance to make sure whoever is looking at it sees you in the best light. This means having good quality images (is your LinkedIn profile picture professional?), up to date information in the bio sections, website links that work and a professional persona which highlights you and your business.

Top Tip – Review your profile and make sure all the fields are filled out. Ensure all your branding is the same across each of the platforms and all website links are up to date and working.

Use video and live streaming to engage with your audience. 
People buy people so video and live streaming (through Facebook Live and Periscope) is a great way to interact and share your message. It’s not as scary as it seems, you get used to doing it and it is worth it.

Top Tip –Watch a Facebook Live or a Periscope and then do one yourself. It doesn’t have to be long but give it a go!

Use photos, videos, links to websites, blogs, podcasts and GIFs to add spice to your timeline. 
We are all busy people and we have now learnt how to skim read social media. If you have a text-only post, followed by another post with just text, it will all blend into one. All you need to do is start posting photos, videos, links to websites, blog posts, podcasts and GIFs and your timeline will be so much more interesting and engaging.

Top Tip – Start posting more photos, links and all of the above you make your timeline more vibrant and spicy.

Have a variety of messages to share with your audience. 
It is great if you are passionate about something but please do not keep repeating the same message over and again. People will get bored and will either unfollow or stop engaging with your posts.

Top Tip – Have at least 5 key messages and keep rotating them. At least this way you will always have something fresh to say.

Adjust your message to suit the platform. 
Please, please, please do not send the exact same message on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn! Each different platform allows you to have different styles of messages and it frankly looks tacky if you link all the accounts.

Top Tip – Cross pollination of content is great but change the delivery to suit the platform.

Connect with different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
Groups are great for engagement and a brilliant way of building your network online. Remember, don’t just spam these with #buymystuff posts but use them to connect, engage and educate the members in your particular field.

Top Tip  Join and engage with groups and if you can, set one up for yourself! Whatever you do, don’t spam all of the groups with the same message.

Respond to messages in a quick and professional manner.
Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, if someone sends you a question, a request in a tweet or a message, it is important for you to get back to them as soon as you can. You mustn’t ignore them and should therefore check your messages often, just in case. If you don’t respond then there is a good chance the person who sent the message isn’t going to be too happy with you and that isn’t professional.

Top Tip –if people want to engage with you by asking a question or sending a message then reply back and check your inboxes regularly!

Have fun and remember it’s social media! 
As it is called social media it is OK to talk to people online. Comment on their pictures, videos or links and share their content if you love it. It is also OK to talk about non-work related items especially if it gets the reader to know you a little more.

Top Tip – Don’t always talk about work and post #buymystuff posts. Engage with people’s posts and tell them more about you so they trust you more.

Hope you found this article OK and if you did, please share with anyone who you think might need it!

Speak to you soon.

Gary Jones

What happens to your marketing when you go on holiday? 

During this time of year, people take time off to spend with their family as the children break up and one of the first things that can stop is your marketing.

What can stop your marketing? 

This could be for a lot of reasons but these are some that I have personally experienced in the past:

  • Your staff goes away on holiday and you get swamped doing their work and yours.
  • One of your team does the social media and they don’t tell you that they haven’t done it.
  • Staff tells you they are doing it but they don’t!
  • A staff member is sick and you have to cover their roles as well as yours.

These things happen more than you think. With over 15 years of experience working in shops, I have seen this time and time again.
This can also happen in busy periods of the year (but as you know when these will be, you will plan for these better) or when people are off sick (which you can’t plan for).

What are the solutions?

You need to have a plan! It might sound simple but if you have a yearly plan that is split up into months then you know what is coming up. If you can then split the month into weekly messages then you can look at what is being sent out and know what’s coming up.

You can also keep an eye on what is going out and ask before they go on holiday if they have covered the social media? While they are away,  you should check this every day and respond to messages as they come along.

So, are you worried you can’t take any time off because the marketing will stop? 

Don’t be as I can help! If you need cover for 2 weeks or more then let me know. I can come into your business and look at the messages you are sending out and cover the social media till you need it.

The price of doing it per week will depend on how many platforms will be managed. It can start with £40 per week (cheaper than spending hours trying to do it yourself or not doing it at all!).

This can be done:

  • During the summer holidays
  • During periods of sickness
  • During peak times of the year.
  • Just because you don’t want to do it! (Your time is better spent talking to new customers and gaining more business).

If you need a hand then I’m here. Give me a call on 07866602507 or email me on

Speak to you soon!

If I was exhibiting at Art in the Park, What would I do on social media? 

Art in the Park will be taking over Jephson Gardens on the weekend of 4th and 5th August. With over 180 artists, performances and workshops going on, there is a lot to talk about and see at the event.

As someone who has success at events, social media is a great way of telling people you are going to be there and get them to come down.

Before the Event 

If I was exhibiting at Art in the Park, this is what I would do:

  1. Invite people down to the event.
  2. Tell them what items you will be exhibiting.
  3. Tell them about any competitions or giveaways you have at the event.
  4. Do video the day before reminding people to come down.
  5. Maybe do a mock up version of your stall post a picture of it?
  6. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and include the hashtag #AITP2018 in your tweets.
  7. Say hello, like and see who else is using the hashtags so during the event you know people there.
  8. Do not be afraid of telling people too much. If they miss it on Facebook then they might see it on another platform.

That’s all before the event and the more shouting you do the better. I would be talking about it on social media every day from when you read this to Art in the Park.

During the Event

On the day after you set up, this is what I would during the weekend.

  1. Take a picture of your stall when it’s ready and invite people down to it.
  2. Tell people where you at the event so they can get to easily.
  3. Record a video of you talking about your pieces and post it on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. When I visit your stall taking pictures for Art in the Park, Smile and be engaging in the photos!
  5. At the end of day 1 tell people again that they should come and see you tomorrow.
  6. At the start of day 2, post a small video mentioning you are back today and people should visit.
  7. Talk and retweet other people using the hashtag #AITP2018 in quiet periods. Network among your fellow artists.
  8. If you make a sale, see if the person buying is willing to have their picture taken with your art (makes a great testimonial).
  9. Thank everyone who came and tell them which event you will be at next.
  10. Make a list of exhibitors you meet and get people who go to your stall follow you on social media.

After the event is a key time to use social media to keep in touch with people you met.

I know that it might seem like a lot of work but it won’t be. I will be walking around helping people with their social media so if you need a hand then flag me down.

The best thing to do is make noise and tell people you are there. If you do it, people might come but if you don’t then they certainly won’t.

Art in the Park is a great chance to increase your brand awareness and I hope this blog helped.

See you on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August!!

Gary Jones

Art in the Park Social Media Dude!