10 Ted Talks To Watch

Here are 10 brilliant TED Talks that will help you level up your marketing!

How to start a movement by Derek Sivers!

Why you should make useless things by Simone Giertz

Learning to look up again – controlling your smartphone addiction by Ross Sleight

Conquering Fear by Geoff Thompson

Do schools kill creativity? By Sir Ken Robinson

How Netflix changed entertainment and where it is headed? by Reed Hastings

How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek

What your smart devices know (and share) about you!

Live-streaming my life by Emma McGann

How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas by Manoush Zomorodi

Let me know what your favourite TED talks are and hope you enjoy these!

The Grow Show with Chris Ramsbottom

In the third episode of Season Two of “The Grow Show”, we talk to Chris Ramsbottom. Chris runs The Amethyst Centre who provides holistic therapies and training in Coventry.

In this podcast we will cover:

  • How Chris got into healing and how you can start
  • Why she set up the her centre
  • Some of the main reasons people don’t believe in alternative therapies
  • Plus much more!

You can listen to the show on a number of different podcast platforms including iTunes,Google PodcastsRadio PublicSpotifyDeezer and Stitcher!

You can find out more information about Chris by visiting her website HERE!

Hope you enjoy the show!

The Grow Show with Charlotte Cooper

In the second episode of Season Two of “The Grow Show”, we talk to Charlotte Cooper! Charlotte talks about dance and her journey as a dancer to teacher.

We talk about all things DANCE and this podcast will cover:

  • Her biggest challenge to date
  • Why she started her business
  • What can dancing help you with?
  • We answer the question…. “Can anyone dance?”
  • Plus so much more!

You can listen to the show on a number of different podcast platforms including iTunes,Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Spotify, Deezer and Stitcher!

You can find out more information about Charlotte by visiting her website HERE!

Hope you enjoy the show!

The Grow Show with Keith Blakemore-Noble

This week we launched the BRAND NEW Episode of “The Grow Show”. This fortnightly show will feature some of the top business owners to help you grow yourself, grow your business and grow your community!

In the first episode of season two of “The Grow Show”, we talk to Keith Blakemore-Noble! Keith spends his days transforming his clients your Deepest Fears into their Greatest Strengths!

We talk about all things FEAR and this podcast will cover:

  • The top three fears people have…
  • How fears are made….
  • How to overcome your fears!
  • Plus so much more!

You can listen to the show on a number of different podcast platforms including iTunes,Google PodcastsRadio PublicSpotifyDeezer and Stitcher!

You can find out more information about Keith by visiting his website HERE!

Hope you enjoy the show!

6 Ways To Tidy Up Your Digital Life

As it’s the start of the year, I think it’s a great time to review your digital habits and to start to think of ways to make your life more productive, efficient and more pleasurable. This could be introducing new habits or…… getting rid of habits which could well be holding you back or taking you further away from your goals.

So… here are six really simple ways that you can use straight away to make your digital life simpler. 

  1. Review your apps on your phone. Delete any apps that you don’t use, place apps with similar apps in folders and look at what apps you are using to see how long you are spending on them.
  2. Have a system for your emails. Have dedicated times to go and check them, use folders to save emails that you want to read later and unsubscribe from any newsletters that you never read.
  3. Use time blocking to organise your diary. Organise time each day for checking social media, family time and work. Make sure you stick to your time slots.
  4. Unsubscribe emails that you don’t read! I know I have already mentioned this but only receive information from companies that you are going to use. Deleting multiple newsletters will only waste your time further in the future.
  5. Automate where you can. Make sure you have systems that will save you time and stop you duplicating your activities. For example, setting up your emails to sync with your calendar will make your life simpler.
  6. Turn off your notifications! Check your messages, emails and social media on your terms and don’t be distracted by your phone flashing.

There are so many more options but if you start with these six, you’ll feel start to feel better.

Let us know what you think and how you get on!

What’s coming up in GROW Inner Circle….

As you might of seen….. I’m spending a lot of time in GROW Inner Circle supplying them with content to drive their business forward.

Here’s what is coming up over the next few months…….

6th Jan- 15th March: Social Media Bootcamp
25/26th Jan: Zombie Apocalypse
March: Gratitude Month
April: Get Creative Month
May: Learn how to Podcast
June: Create your own book

If you want to join us then it’s really simple… CLICK HERE and come and say hello!!

10 Ideas To Post Between Christmas and New Years Day

Having posts ready to cover the gap between Christmas and New Years should be an important part of your social media and marketing strategy.


This is the time of the year when most companies have stopped working at full capacity which means that they could well be at home and spending more time on social media. This means you should be ramping up your content so they can see it.

But their thoughts might not on work issues at this time of year so this content must be more relaxed and focused not on products or service, but focused on engaging, fun and educating content.

So here are 10 ideas for posts you could create that have worked with some of my clients over the last few years.

  1. Share what your highlights have been for the year
  2. Share what are you looking forward to in the next year
  3. Ask your audience questions to get them thinking and engaging
  4. Throwback pictures of previous campaigns, local town, team, events etc.
  5. Thank you posts to suppliers, customers and team members
  6. Post fun facts about your industry
  7. Produce daily new content answering important questions
  8. Talk about the trends to look out for in the next year
  9. Produce showcases on products or team members
  10. Review of your top released content and re-release them

Hope you find some of these useful and let me know if you have any other ideas that you’ve used in your business!

My Highlights of 2019

Copy of Copy of Facebook Post – Untitled DesignI feel that I have had an incredible year and myself and my business has developed in ways I hadn’t thought about at the start of 2019. Projects that I thought would take off didn’t, opportunities came that I didn’t think would be possible and my mindset and health have improved for the better.

Anyway….. let’s get into my 10  highlights of this year!

  • My business still here with more clients than 12 months ago. Standard of clients are ace, challenging and lovely and I wouldn’t change them or the projects for the world!
  • Been on various radio shows and started my new podcast called The Grow Show
  • Recognised as the Community leader of 4Networking in December which has over 28,000 people inside the group and love it!
  • Spoke at 32 events in locations ranging from Manchester, Birmingham to Milton Keynes and includes an opening of a bandstand, chairing debates and business shows
  • Produced high quality blogs, videos and pictures for my clients which have been shown at awards ceremonies and featured in the press
  • Started daily exercising, meditating, reading and feel more centred than ever before
  • Revamp marketing assets, promotional items and planning the re-brand for 2020
  • Clear focus on my future goals and the path to get there
  • Larger network of people from around the UK
  • My communities, knowledge, skills and awareness have improved on a daily basis

It’s been an incredible year for myself and GROW and please share with us below what your highlights have been!