What are your top tips for LinkedIn? Here are 10 of mine!

Post consistently each day This is something I have been doing for a while and it works. Being on peoples timeline is really important. Posting once a day works well on LinkedIn even if it is posting where you will be that day. Having your key messages already worked out will help you this process.Continue reading “What are your top tips for LinkedIn? Here are 10 of mine!”

The Grow Show with Charlotte Cooper

In the second episode of Season Two of “The Grow Show”, we talk to Charlotte Cooper! Charlotte talks about dance and her journey as a dancer to teacher. We talk about all things DANCE and this podcast will cover: Her biggest challenge to date Why she started her business What can dancing help you with?Continue reading “The Grow Show with Charlotte Cooper”

9 tips for making sure your Facebook Live is Fantastic!

  If you are going to do a live performance, there are a few tips that I used when I did my 4NTV Live that I wanted to share with you that helped me. There are so much more tips that could be talked about but here are the main 9 points that I feelContinue reading “9 tips for making sure your Facebook Live is Fantastic!”

7 Ideas for Video and Live Streaming!

Here are 7 ideas to help you get started! Motivation Insights The idea behind these is to give people a spark of inspiration. This could be to start something new, look at things in a different way or to give clarity and confidence in something they are not sure about. Either way, make it clearContinue reading “7 Ideas for Video and Live Streaming!”

How are you improving yourself this year? 

I am a big lover of self-development. I love to grow as a person and really enjoy learning and then passing on what I have learnt to others. I use the following methods to develop but there are so much more out there: Read books, E-Books and blogs Listen to Podcasts whilst riding or drivingContinue reading “How are you improving yourself this year? “

What happens to your social media when you’re ill?

Do you have days when you cannot be bothered to go onto social media? I know I have so I thought I would write about it! If you run a business then you need to be prepared for the days where you fall ill or, on the other extreme, get too busy to market yourContinue reading “What happens to your social media when you’re ill?”

5 Ways to get involved with Grow Marketing and Media in 2019!

At Grow Marekting and Media, we want to help as many people become confident using social media for their business or community project. This includes what to post, what content to create and giving then new and exciting skills for them and their team to use. So, we have five simple ways you can getContinue reading “5 Ways to get involved with Grow Marketing and Media in 2019!”

In 2019, I’m excited about….

Here are 10 things that I’m excited about in 2019! 1. Starting my new podcast “A Day in the Life of….”. 2. Launching the new Grow Marketing Subscription. 3. Re-Launch of Grow Library. 4. Bringing in Contributors into the Grow Marketing and Media. 5. Getting more involved with community projects in Warwickshire. 6. Testing outContinue reading “In 2019, I’m excited about….”

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

2018 has been incredible and I would love to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support this year! I have met some fantastic people at all of the events that I have attended, improved my digital skills, my knowledge and was able to promote people on-line and off-line in ways I did notContinue reading “Merry Christmas Everyone!!”

7 Tips for Retailers to rocket your Social Media

As someone who has been working in a shop environment for 18 years, I understand that working in a shop is difficult. There are a lot of plates to juggle and marketing can slip down that ever growing list of jobs to do. I have created a list of tips that could save you time andContinue reading “7 Tips for Retailers to rocket your Social Media”