Social Media Training Day

Does your company need social media training mixed with a team building day?

Have you got a team of +10 people who can all benefit from a day out of the business to support your marketing?

Have you got several departments and need to get them talking with each other?


This is a training day that I can provide for companies (starting price of £500) which will help give you structure, training and a day where your employees will complete the following:

Arrive between 9.00-9:30 for a 9:45am start.

9:45-10.00am- Introductions and explain the format of the day.

10.00- 12.00pm Session 1- Knowledge Based Session and will cover:

– Learning how to navigate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
– How to compose a message and respond to people.
– Quirks of each of the platforms.
– Questions and Answers from the delegates.

12.30-2:30pm Session 2- Creating Key Messages and will cover:

– How to generate engagement on each platform.
– Breakout session to create 10 key messages in pairs.
– Ideas for Blogs and when to publish them.
– What type of Videos can you create to turbo boost engagement.

3.00- 4.30pm Session 3- How to Manage an Account and will cover:

– How to manage each of the platforms.
– Incentives to get the delegates to post on social media.
– How the messages should fit into the yearly marketing plan.
– How to measure the effectiveness of the messages using analytics on each platform.

4.30- 5.00pm Session 4- General Summary and Recap

– Review each platform.
– Review key messages.
– Plan actions going forward.

If that sounds good then please let me know and I can book you into the diary!