What is audio social?

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Audio social refers to social media platforms or features that primarily focus on audio content, such as podcasts, audio recordings, or live audio streams. These platforms or features allow users to create, share, and listen to audio content, and may also include features for commenting, liking, and sharing the audio with others. Examples of audio social platforms include Anchor.fm, Clubhouse, and Spreaker.

Why is this important to Podcasters?

Audio social is important to podcasts because it allows listeners to interact with the content in a more personal and engaging way. It allows listeners to share their thoughts and opinions on the podcast with the host and other listeners, which can create a sense of community and connection. This can also help to increase the popularity and reach of the podcast, as listeners can share the podcast with their own social networks. Additionally, audio social can help to foster a sense of community among listeners, which can lead to more loyal and engaged listeners over time.

So… how can we get involved?

Here are 10 ways that podcasters can use audio social platforms…

  1. Hosting a live Q&A session with listeners
  2. Inviting guests to join a panel discussion on a specific topic
  3. Collaborating with other podcasters to host a joint episode
  4. Utilizing Clubhouse rooms to conduct interviews with guests
  5. Hosting a workshop or training session for listeners
  6. Hosting a live recording of a podcast episode
  7. Utilizing Clubhouse rooms for research and gathering feedback from listeners
  8. Hosting a book club discussion with listeners and the author of a specific book
  9. Collaborating with other podcasters to host a series of episodes on a specific topic
  10. Utilizing Clubhouse rooms for networking and connecting with other podcasters and industry professionals.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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