What is a Podact Intro and Outro (and what should they include)

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A podcast intro is a short audio clip that introduces the podcast and its theme or topic. It often includes the name of the podcast, the host(s), and any sponsors or partners. The podcast outro is a similar audio clip that concludes the podcast, often thanking the listeners and providing information on how to stay connected with the podcast or the host(s). Both the intro and outro are typically played at the beginning and end of each podcast episode.

Why does my Podcast need a Intro and Outro?

A podcast intro and outro serve several important purposes:

  1. Branding: The intro and outro are the first and last thing listeners will hear, and they provide an opportunity to establish your podcast’s brand identity.
  2. Setting the tone: The intro and outro can set the tone for the entire episode, whether it’s light and humorous or serious and informative.
  3. Providing information: The intro can provide listeners with important information about the podcast, such as its title, host, and theme. The outro can provide information on how to connect with the podcast, such as social media or email.
  4. Transitions: The intro and outro can help smooth transitions between segments or episodes, making the listening experience more seamless.
  5. Professionalism: A well-produced intro and outro can make a podcast sound more professional, which can help increase its credibility and appeal to listeners.

So… what do I need to include in my Podcast Intro and Outro

In the intro, you should include:

  • The name of your podcast
  • A brief overview of what your podcast is about
  • The purpose of your podcast (e.g. to inform, entertain, inspire)
  • The format of your podcast (e.g. interviews, solo monologue, roundtable discussion)
  • Any co-hosts or guests that will be joining you on the episode
  • A brief introduction of yourself and your role on the podcast

In the outro, you should include:

  • A brief summary of the main points or themes covered in the episode
  • Any shoutouts or thank yous to any guests or sponsors
  • A call to action for listeners to subscribe to your podcast, follow you on social media, or leave a review on a platform like Apple Podcasts
  • The name of your podcast and the episode number
  • Any announcements about upcoming episodes or events related to your podcast

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