Best places to listen to a podcast in the summer

yellow van die cast

How many of these places have you listened to a podcast?

  1. On the beach
  2. While on a road trip
  3. In a park
  4. At a pool
  5. On a boat
  6. At a summer festival
  7. In a backyard hammock
  8. On a bike ride
  9. At a farmer’s market
  10. On a hiking trail
  11. At a summer concert
  12. In a backyard garden
  13. At a summer BBQ
  14. On a camping trip
  15. At a sporting match
  16. On a beach bonfire
  17. At an outdoor movie night
  18. On a fishing trip
  19. At a summer fair
  20. While doing yard work or gardening.

Let us know if you have listened to a podcast anywhere else and I’ll add it to the list!

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