How to turn a podcast into a presentation or a talk

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Repurposing the content of your Podcast for a presentation or a talk is a great idea and simple to do if you follow these steps…

  1. Identify the main points and themes of the podcast. These will be the basis for the presentation or talk.
  2. Create a clear outline for the presentation or talk, including an introduction, main points, and conclusion.
  3. Gather relevant visual aids, such as slides, images, or videos, to support the main points and themes of the podcast.
  4. Practice the presentation or talk to ensure that it flows smoothly and stays on track.
  5. Consider using quotes or excerpts from the podcast to illustrate key points or to introduce new ideas.
  6. Use the podcast as a reference or resource during the presentation or talk, linking back to specific episodes or segments as needed.
  7. End the presentation or talk with a call to action or next steps, encouraging the audience to listen to the podcast or engage with the content in some way.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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