10 frequently asked questions about Podcasts

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Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions about Podcasts that I get asked about!

  1. What is a podcast? A podcast is a series of digital audio or video episodes that can be downloaded and listened to on a computer or mobile device. They cover a wide range of topics and can be streamed or downloaded for offline listening.
  2. How do I listen to a podcast? There are many ways to listen to a podcast. You can use a podcast app on your smartphone, such as Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. You can also listen to podcasts on your computer through a website like Spotify or SoundCloud.
  3. How do I find podcasts? You can find podcasts by searching for them on a podcast app or website, or by browsing through categories and genres. You can also discover new podcasts through recommendations from friends or by listening to similar shows.
  4. Are podcasts free to listen to? Most podcasts are free to listen to, although some may require a subscription or have paid episodes.
  5. How often are new episodes released? The frequency of new episodes varies from show to show. Some podcasts release new episodes daily or weekly, while others may release them monthly or less frequently.
  6. Can I download podcasts to listen to offline? Yes, most podcasts can be downloaded for offline listening. This is convenient for those who want to listen to podcasts while on a long flight or without an internet connection.
  7. How long are podcast episodes? The length of podcast episodes also varies. Some episodes may be as short as a few minutes, while others may be several hours long.
  8. Can I leave a review or rating for a podcast? Yes, most podcast apps allow you to leave a review or rating for a podcast. This can be helpful for other listeners who are considering listening to the show.
  9. Can I suggest a topic for a podcast to cover? Many podcasts accept suggestions for topics or questions to cover in their episodes. You can usually submit these through the podcast’s website or social media pages.
  10. How do I submit a podcast to be featured on a podcast app or website? To submit a podcast to be featured on a podcast app or website, you will need to have an RSS feed for your show. You can then submit this feed to the app or website for consideration.

Take a look at this video for more information about each point!

Hope you enjoy these questions and let us know if you’ve got any questions that you would like answering!

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