Just started podcasting? Here’s the equipment you need!

Podcasting is a lot like activities… you can spend a fortune on equipment but unless you have the basics, they’ll be sitting alongside those golf clubs and triathlon kit collecting dust. 

This is why when you’re starting out, I recommend going for a simply set up rather than spending lots. 

When I started my first podcast in 2015, I recorded, edited and released it using only my mobile phone so it’s possible to start with minimum equipment and get ok results.

In reality, you only need three things to start your podcast (two things if you’re only doing audio and not visual): 

  1. Something to record the audio
  2. Something to record the visual
  3. Something to create and share the final file

So let’s take a look at these in more detail…

Something to record the audio

This can be something as simple as the microphone built inside your phone to computer to buying an external mic. To start off with I would recommend a USB mic that plugs start into your computer. 

I would recommend…

Something to record the visual

Typically a podcast would be purely audio but most podcasts now are available in video form on places like YouTube and social media. 

Again, your built in camera in your phone or computer would work at the start for zero cost.  However, improving the quality of your video by buying a webcam would be a simple upgrade that gives the videos a higher privation value. 

I would recommend…

Something to create and share the final file

This is could be as simple as your computer or phone. You would typically use this to record the content on using an audio package such as Audacity or you’re in built voice memo software. 

If you’re recording over the internet I would recommend using Zoom, StreamYard or Riverside.fm to record your content. 

Recording on location

If you are recording on location, there are a number of dictaphones and lapel microphones I would recommend such as the:

Also… a good tripod stand is a must if you’re recording using your phone or dictaphone. Here are two that I would recommend:

Plus you’ll need…

A few more things to consider are:

  • An adapter to link your computer to your camera and microphone such as LENTION USB C Hub
  • Improve the lighting by purchasing external lighting 
  • Invest in a good pair of headphones to make editing and recoding easier
  • Consider sound proofing your recording area by adding sound proofing tiles and soft furnishes to absorb the sound

Please get in touch if you have any questions or any other equipment needs and I hope these all help you on your podcasting journey.

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