A to Z of Podcasting 

Here’s a quick directory of some of the useful podcasting terms that you should really know!

Apple Podcasts… One of the largest podcast directory on the market. If you show isn’t on here, you are potentially missing a large audience.

Brand Building… Building a strong podcast brand takes time, but the result is a thriving, energetic, excited community surrounding your show.

Categories… How would you describe your show? This is what you’ll have to do when you select categories for your podcast. 

Distribution… Distribution involves adding your podcast to podcasting networks and apps (via manually, or your podcast’s RSS feed or through a podcast host). The ultimate goal is to make your Podcast available on whatever platform your audience could listen to it. 

Equipment… Something you definitely need to host a podcast! There is plenty of podcast equipment you could buy, and of course, a state-of-the-art recording studio would be brilliant, but you can also create a great podcast with just the basics.

Format… What will be the format of your show? Will you have guests on every episode? How long will they be? Will you have regular content that you’ll be talking about?

Goals… Decide on a set of metrics and goals for your show before you release your first episode. Also make sure these align with your business or personal goals to make your podcast fit within them. 

Hosting… Once you create a podcast, where do you put it? On your website? Sure, but then how do people download it? This is where podcast hosting comes in. 

Identity… To create your podcast identity you need to think about and create an ethos, a tag line and artwork (to start with). 

Jobs… There are a lot of activities that go into making a podcast so take time to review them to see which jobs you can automate (such as online booking system for your guests) and which ones you can delegate or outsource (such as the production and editing of your show). 

Keep it simple!…. The best shows have a simple format and focus on delivery by high quality content that’s focussed giving value to their audience. Don’t over complicate your show and keep your audience in mind. 

Links… This is just a reminder of the importance of making sure that the link to your podcast is accessible to your followers!

Marketing…. Marketing your podcast effectively is more important than ever. With so many shows entering the sphere, on an almost daily basis – you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to reach your target audience.

Niche your show… Building authority in your niche will never go out of style! With so many new podcasts, you need to make sure that you know your niche and that it is clearly defined so that you are better able to establish yourself as an authoritative voice.

Online live events… We saw a LOT of online events taking place over the last few years, for obvious reasons, but we think they will continue long into the future. Go live with your show and get an audience involved with asking questions and choosing music to play. 

Podfade… Podfade is the term used to describe what happens when podcasts, for whatever reason, disappear into cyberspace and cease to exist. (Sounds scary, I know!) Statistically, this tends to happen around episode 7 (if you’ve made it past that, things are looking good for you and your show!). 

Quality… This is not a new podcasting term, but it should always be mentioned because quality will never stop being important! From consistently creating and putting out high quality content, to ensuring that your episodes sounds as good as they possibly can, even to the content you share on your social media platforms, striving for top quality should remain at the top of the priority list!

Remote Podcast Recording… If you are recording on location (such as someone office or a public place like a coffee shop), have you got the correct equipment to ensure your recording will be at the highest quality? 

Strategy… Your podcast needs to fit within three strategies to work to its full potential. Make sure you know how it’s going to give value to  you, your business and your community plus make sure it’s fits into each part. 

Target Audience… Do you know who will be listening to your podcast and what value will you’ll be giving them? Work this out from the start and make sure every guest and piece of content you share is directed at them. 

Unique… What makes your podcast unique and why should people listen to it? Answer this question regularly as the more you put your audience at the front of your show, the greater the success you will have. 

Volume… Make sure that the volume is even throughout the show. This includes your intro and outro, all guests, ads and any other sections you have. 

Welcome… Make sure your welcome to your podcasts makes a positive a warm introduction to your podcast. Things to include would be the title of the show, your tagline plus a little music. 

Xclusive Podcasts… Have exclusive content available for your subscribers so that they get added value from your show    

YouTube… If you’re looking to start your own video podcast this year, then starting a YouTube channel could be in your future!

Zoom… Zoom proved handy for podcasters as it provided a way to record their podcast interviews long-distance. You can even get creative and use Zoom to start your video podcast! (hint, hint!)

Hope these all help you on your podcasting journey and I’ll be adding more to these over the next few months!

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