Getting started with editing software!


This is a one of the main stumbling blocks that stop people from creating their Podcast… editing!

The truth is that editing your podcast can be as tricky or as simple as you want it to be. With editing you can improve the sound of the Podcast and make the show better by removing clicks, background noises and those ums and arghs that you might hear when you are talking naturally.

Some people like their shows to be polished although some people like their shows to be natural and have no edits at all. It really is down to personal preference (see the daily video for my view and my preference).

Also, you can use your editing software to format your show. This can include adding music at the start and end of your show, splitting up your content, adding jingles to break the show up and adding background music. 

So which editing software would I recommend you start using?
If you are using a PC, I would recommend Audacity and if you’re a MAC user, I would recommend either GarageBand or Audacity again. Both are really easy to use (and free) and will help you not only edit your Podcast but also help you strip the audio out of video so you can use those as Podcasts!!

There are many tutorials out there for you to learn how to use these but it does take time to learn so I would recommend getting started today! 

How to do this in 5 simple steps- 

  1. Take a look at Audacity and Garage Band and see which platform you like the most
  2. Download any software you need 
  3. Spend 20 minutes playing around it
  4. If you have time, see if you can record a 10 second intro for your Podcast
  5. Plan in your diary a 20 minute window each week to practice

What do you need to get started? 
Time and Internet connection! Learning how to edit a Podcast takes time so don’t worry if you can’t pick it up first time. Start by doing 20 minutes each week and you will pick it up in no time!

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