What Podcast format will you be choosing?


As you already know there are many different types of Podcasts available to listen to but they are have a few things in common….. they all mostly share one of these five formats. Once you understand this, creating a Podcast becomes easier than you might of believe beforehand. 

These are…

  • The Solo Show
  • The Interview
  • The Review
  • The Story
  • The Event

Let’s break these down a little further!

The Solo Show
This show involves just one person talking and is probably the easiest to start with as you can do it by yourself! Great option for online courses, giving advice about a certain topic and could be anywhere between 5 minutes to 1 hour long (although if there is only one voice on the Podcast, I would stick to between 15- 30 minutes in length). 

The Interview
My favourite type of show to listen to and be on is on a interview style podcast. This would normally involve two or more people and could last from anything from 5 minutes to a 2-3 hours. 

The Review
This is where you review a something (as the name suggest!). This could be be books, films, TV shows, events or anything else that people might have an opinion on. This type of Podcast makes good listening for the people interested in the subject matter and is normally between 30-60 minutes long per episode. 

The Story
If you have a story, a book or love to read, this is a brilliant format to think about as it involves you (or the narrator) to tell and act out the story! Depending on how long the story is, the Podcast could be any length of time and last as many episodes as needed. 

The Event
This Podcast is a based around an event such as Great British Bake Off, Olympics and World Cup and will be a mix of people talking about what’s happened, what’s coming up and maybe talk with the people involved with the event itself. This is a limited series so would typically only run for the duration of the event itself. 

Can you think of anymore? If so, let me know and I’ll add it to this list!

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