Who will be listening to your Podcast?


“Who will listen to my Podcast?” This is a question I get asked a lot and it’s an answer that will vary for each Podcast. It is certainly not a one size fits all answer and when you get it right, will massively help your show.

With the vast amount of Podcasts available, we have more competition than ever for our audiences attention. If you don’t have a defined audience, you’ll find that your show will fail to resonate with most people as they won’t find it relatable or engaging and your target audience might well miss it.

However, if you define who your listeners will be and create the show around them, they will listen to the show as they will relate and want to engage with you and your show.

Also, when it’s time to market your show, you will need to make the sure you are placing it on the platforms that your customers spend the most time on. This way you’re not wasting your energy or time targeting the wrong location or customer base.

However, this means you need to look and define who your target listener will be for your Podcast!

Benefits to doing this-
If you know who are targeting then it becomes easier to target your marketing. This will be different for each and every business as everyone has different habits based on what profession they are in.

If you answer all of these points, you’ll start form a picture of who will be listening to your show and you’ll soon start to see if you’re a content is going to help them.

Start to think about the following….. 

Gender- Is your show going to be aimed at a certain gender?
Age- Will you target a certain age group (or would like to work with a certain age group?). Why this age group and what habits or pain points adhere you to them?
Location- Is your ideal listener in a particular geographical location? Is this based on how far you can travel?
Profession- What is their profession? How long have they been in that role? What are the highlights and lowlights of being in that profession or industry? What does their working day look like?
Interests- What are they interested in and how did they get to where they are now? Do they prefer to read, watch or listen to information and does this change depending where they are or what they are doing?
Podcast Listening Habits- What will they be doing when they are listening to your show?
On-Line Habits- Which websites and social media sites do they go onto? When do they go on-line? Do they attend virtual meetings? Do they spend time reading books, journals, research reports on-line? Do they read newsletters and if so when?
Interests outside of work- How do they relax? What does their life outside of work look like? Where do they go on holiday? How is their home life and have they got the work/life balance correct? Do they exercise? Are they part of a gym? Do they use any mind-fullness techniques such as Tai Chi, Yoga or Meditation? Are they interested in personal development?
Shopping habits- When, where and how do they shop? Do they love or hate shopping? Do they always shop in the same store? Have regular shopping habits such as buying a coffee each morning? Do they shop on-line or at out of town shopping centres? How often to they visit their town or city centre?

Once you have completed this activity, you will know who, when, where and how to target these customers by doing the following 5 simple steps.

How to do this in 5 simple steps- 

  1. Work out who will be your ideal audience and what their habits based on the information above
  2. With the information you gathered above, think about what type of podcast would be engaging to them and what they would like to listen to
  3. Start working on your show. What would be it’s format, what content would you share? Who would you get on the show to interview etc.
  4. Review your existing marketing content to see how that fits within the show. Can you use any of your existing videos, blogs or ideas within the Podcast either as segments or episodes?
  5. Find out if there are any other Podcasts out there in this area? If so, figure out how yours could be better

What do you need to get started? 
This is the easy bit, all you need is a pen and piece of paper. Then start following the steps above. When I completed this it took me around 30 minutes and I realised that my show had to change as my listeners had changed their listening habits.

So… who’s going to be listening to your show? Let me know!

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