Fun Idea for Pancake Day!

Pancake Day Ideas

Here’s a quick idea for your social media for Pancake Day (Tuesday 16th February)

Why don’t you tell a joke! It’s a simple idea and you just need to create a two pictures per joke (using a design software such as Canva) and then post on your social channels.

If you are wondering why two pictures….. you need to design one for the question and another for the answer. I can of course just use picture but two pictures gives you the freedom to post the question and the answer at different times plus…. if you are posting on integral people will have to swipe to see the answer!

10 Pancake jokes to get you started….

  • Did you hear about the angry pancake? He just flipped.
  • What did the young pancake say to the old burnt pancake? I don’t like your flip side.
  • How do you make a pancake smile? Butter him up.
  • What’s the best pancake topping? More pancakes.
  • When the little boy was making pancakes why did the batter run away? Because it said crack 2 eggs then beat it!
  • I can’t believe it’s pancake Tuesday again. Honestly, it just crêped up on me.
  • If anyone else makes a bad joke about ‘tossing’ on Pancake Day, I will batter them.
  • My dad always makes the pancakes too thin… I shouldn’t have to put up with this crêpe.
  • You’d batter believe it’s Pancake Day today
  • These pancakes are flipping delicious!

Let us know how you get on and have fun!!

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