Books I’ve read in 2020!

Books to help you grow

Reading in 2020 has become one of the daily habits that I love. As well as books, I’ve really gotten into reading comics again and this will continue in 2021 and beyond. 

Hare’s my 2020 reading list:

  1. Instant Systems- Bradley J. Sugars
  2. The Enchiridion- Epictetus 
  3. The Wisdom Of Crowds- James Surowiecki
  4. Big Bang Disruption- Larry Downes and Paul Nunes 
  5. Life 3.0- Max Tegmark
  6. The Tao of Pooh- Benjamin Hoff 
  7. Good to Great- Jim Collins
  8. 7 highly habits of highly effective people- Stephen R. Covey
  9. Think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill
  10. Start with WHY- Simon Sinek
  11. Contagious- Jonah Beger
  12. Building a story brand- Donald Miller
  13. The One Thing- Gary Keller with Jay Papasan 
  14. How to be brilliant- Michael Hepplewhite
  15. Oversubscribed: Daniel Priestly
  16. Business For Punk: James Watt (BrewDog)
  17. Calibrate: Christian Wilson

So….. what books have you read this year and what books do I need to read in 2021?

Let us know by posting below!

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