The Grow Show with Christina Kokis

The Grow Show is a podcast that talks to business owners from across the globe to help you grow yourself, you business and your community through the lessons that they have learnt along their journey.

In this episode, we talk to Christina Kokis from Everything is Energy!

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Christina uses her own style of healing called Equilibrium a unique take on the many different types of Energy Therapies she has learnt over her lifetime It allows her to hone in on the problem and be the catalyst which allows you to change. She focuses energy on the stuckedness, if there’s a little chink she “blasts” through the door

“I offer individual sessions where I sense what is most beneficial for you and your body – using my unique toolbox of energy modalities to offer simple solutions for everyday problems at whatever age. No two treatments are the same, even with the same person, each session is totally unique as their energy balance will have changed.

These can be in person, by phone, Skype or Messenger or even via written chat where she uses her own method of clearing things

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