The Six Statistics to be checked each month

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Love them or hate them, analytics tell the story of your social media. Regular reviews of your analytics on your website and social media platforms can give you an idea of what content you need to produce, what time to post and how often to post to get the maximum engagement and give your connections the best chance of interacting with your content.

When I complete my monthly social media reviews, I look at these 6 measures:

  • Page Views
  • People visiting your page
  • Amount of posts you are sending out
  • The number of impressions your posts are generating
  • New Followers
  • Top Three performing posts

There are more statistics you could look at but by just focussing on these, you will get a good all-round view of your social media and it only takes 20-30 minutes to do.

Remember, the analytics just tell the story up to this point so you can control and change your strategy if it isn’t working for you or your audience.

Page Views

It is really useful to monitor how many people are visiting your page. Whilst they are looking at your content, they are in your world and this is where your content will shine. As an idea, you want this number to increase and this will happen by increasing the posting frequency, inviting people and talking about your page and posting more engaging content.

People visiting your page

I love this statistic as this gives you a true gauge of how many people you have reached, by them actively viewing your page. This number will be smaller than the page views as the same person could well visit your page a number of times but as a rule, you want to see this number increase over time.

Amount of posts you are sending out

Posting on any social media platform need to be consistent so people know when you are sending out your posts. Also this makes it easier for you to manage when you will be posting. By tracking this number and cross reference this to the impressions, you will start to see what frequency works best for you. I have tried anything from three times a week to twice a day and it all depends on your audience and how often they go onto LinkedIn.

The amount of impression your posts are generating

The amount of impressions of your posts could be the most important number as this is the amount of times your posts has been seen. You want to make sure this is rising and this will vary depending on the type of content, how much content you send out and how many times people have interacted with it.

New Followers

I think it’s fair to say that you would like your connections and people following your page to increase month on month. Again, by knowing how many followers you have compare to the previous month, you can make better decisions about what content you will release to them.

Top Three performing posts

I think that regardless of the platform, you should know what you top performing posts are. If you do, you can then replicate these and keep doing more. Things to look at are the type of post (is a link, a blog, a Podcast, video etc), what time you released it and what interaction it had.

Let us know how you get on!!

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