What are your top tips for LinkedIn? Here are 10 of mine!

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Post consistently each day
This is something I have been doing for a while and it works. Being on peoples timeline is really important. Posting once a day works well on LinkedIn even if it is posting where you will be that day. Having your key messages already worked out will help you this process.

Post an article each week
An article will stay on your profile and by posting once a week will get people more engaged in what you do. Also, if you share these articles within LinkedIn then it will be shown to more people.

Use pictures and videos in your posts
A picture or a video will get more engagement than a plain text post so include a relevant (or irrelevant) picture with every post. If you are including a web link in the post and it creates a hyperlink, maybe reconsider the picture.

Do not be too formal, LinkedIn is changing!
A few years ago, LinkedIn was somewhere to find a job but things are changing. It is a place to share latest news, hints and tips and tell people what is happening in your world. It is still more formal than Facebook but the walls are breaking down.

Talk to people and engage with other peoples posts
This has been a common thread on all the platforms, do not post and run!! It is so important to talk to people and let people know you like their messages. Expressing an opinion is OK!

Great place to share Blogs and Website Links
LinkedIn is a great place to share your Latest News, Pictures, Blogs and Website links. You will certainly have different people on this platform than the other platforms so you will be sharing your content with a new audience.

Post in groups to talk to people who are not 1st connections of yours
Groups are great for engagement and a brilliant way of building your network online. Remember, do not just spam these with #buymystuff posts but use them to connect, engage and educate the members in your particular field. Join and engage with groups and if you can, set one up for yourself!

Tell people where you are and what meetings you have had
As LinkedIn is a strong business community, sharing where you have been and where you are going to be is a great idea. By telling people where you will be, you are inviting people to arrange meetings with you while you are in the area. This is great if you have gaps in your diary!

Use the search people to find and talk to people in your target locations or
If you are looking for introductions into a certain location, company or industry, you can search for these and connect with people already in those fields. This makes expanding your network, gaining new clients and strengthening existing customers easier.

Send personal messages for birthdays and anniversaries
You will get a notification when it is someone’s birthday or they are celebrating a work anniversary. You will have the choice to send a template message and this (for me) is a big NO NO! Make it personal to the person and please never use the template!

So, How many are you doing? Hope you enjoyed this tips and if you have any, please let me know!!

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