9 tips for making sure your Facebook Live is Fantastic!

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If you are going to do a live performance, there are a few tips that I used when I did my 4NTV Live that I wanted to share with you that helped me. There are so much more tips that could be talked about but here are the main 9 points that I feel are important for you to know.

Before the Live Streaming

Plan what you will say

This sounds like it would be common sense but we need to know what content you will be covering. You should say it out loud before hand and have notes to hand if there is a chance you might lose your focus. Make sure these are bullet pointed to make it easier to read.

Choose a location that will work

Make sure the location has got a good internet connection, is quiet and will work for the streaming. Try to cut out any external noise, humming from machinery and see if you can stop people interrupting you when you will be doing it.

Check the following:

Have you done and checked the following:

– Told people when it will be so they can join in.

– Created a Facebook Event and invited people to it.

– Already done one live as a test to make sure the connection, lighting, banner positions and computer layout works.

– Made sure that the settings are correct on the recording device (such as mirroring on Facebook Live) and there is enough storage to hold the recording.

During the Live Streaming

If you are going live, make sure you set up with plenty of time

I got to my location 1 hour before the live streaming to make sure everything was ok (even tho I had tested it the previous day). This meant I had time to respond to messages and promote it beforehand, make sure all of the equipment was still ok and I had a cup of coffee and a glass of water for during the Live Streaming (it is surprising how dry your throat goes!).

Stick to the plan

During the Live Streaming, you will get comments from people and questions that you will want to answer. Make sure you are in control of these and plan in sections of the presentation when you answer these and have time to read them. Also, if you said it will be within a certain time frame, stick to it and do not go over.

Engage with the audience if it is going out live

Start the recording with a powerful opening welcome and say hello to the people who have joined you. Invite them to share the broadcast with other (Especially if it is on Facebook) and see how they are all doing. Encourage them to press the like buttons and ask them questions. Expect a delay in the questions coming through (as people will have to type these out) and also the internet will add the slight delay as well.


After the Live Streaming

Share, Share and Share again

If you are recording this on Facebook Live, you can save this onto your phone so you have the file (which you can upload to Youtube or other video platforms). You can also trip the video out and use the audio as a Podcast and share it on Audioboom, Soundcloud, iTunes and so many more platforms.

On Facebook itself, you can share the post in groups, business pages and with your following. This is the brilliant thing about Facebook Live, the video stays on your timeline and does not delete after so many hours. This means if people missed the original show, they can catch up with the content at a later date.

Blog about it

You can just release a great piece of content so why not use it again on a different platform and link it to a blog. That way you can share the post to a wider audience that might not be connected with you on Facebook. You could also send this out to your database if you wanted to (which is exactly what I did).

Use the content on different platforms

As I mentioned above, Use this URL and content on as many platforms as possible. Not everyone will have time to watch a 30-minute live video at a certain time or even 30 minutes to watch a video at a time that suits them. It is really important to have the content in a blog post, Podcast or on different social media sites so they can see and absorb the content when they are ready.

This also means you are using your content wisely as it is serving one or more platforms which will save you time!

Hope these hint and tips help!

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