7 Ideas for Video and Live Streaming!

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Here are 7 ideas to help you get started!

Motivation Insights

The idea behind these is to give people a spark of inspiration. This could be to start something new, look at things in a different way or to give clarity and confidence in something they are not sure about. Either way, make it clear concise and to the point.

People remember motivation quotes, have you got one that you can share?

Business tips

We are all experts in our particular fields so giving business tips to help people using video is an easy way of doing this. If you are not sure about what to say, think about these 3 things-

– What is the most commonly asked question in your industry?

– Is there a particular product you do that you want to sell more of?

– Is there something you don’t do that people keep contacting you about?

The main idea behind this is to make you the go-to guy in your industry and separate you from the other people who do not use video.

Product or Services you provide

Have you got a product that people would like to see? Have you got a delivery that is exciting, do you have new products that will need unpacking or do you have a service that you could show that will save people time? This could be as simple as a tour around the office to meet the team. If so then record this on video so people can see what you are offering.

People get excited by new things that they haven’t seen before!

Your Blogs


Any blogs that you have written will give you content for a video. It is simple, talk about the blog, the content, message and how you can follow up and find more information. If you release a blog each week, you could record a video about it!

If you wanted to turbo boost this idea, use Live Streaming and get people’s reactions, ask them questions and engage with your audience!

Use your existing content on other platforms to save time coming up with new ideas.

To answer your frequently asked questions

You can use answer your top 3-5 questions using video. This is great as it give the future client a chance to see you and saves you time emailing the content to them.

This also give them a chance to get to know you so when they do make that first call to you, they know your voice which accelerates the Know/Like/Trust cycle.

Recording a two-minute video could save you emailing the same response to many people!

Tours of places you are visiting

People are nosy! If you are somewhere pretty or relaxing then why not do a quick video of it. Also, if you are selling a property or showing people where to find you, a video is brilliant to bring this to life. This works for the event you are attending and I will be covering this in a future email.

Show off where you are and get people engaged in what you are doing.

Interviews with other people

I love finding out about people’s backgrounds and how they got into what they are doing. A video is great for this and a great way of sharing hints, tips and gaining a new audience for you (if the person who is being interviewed by you shares it as well). You can do also do a before and after a video which will give you more content and a better insight into the interviewee as well as give you more credibility.

You can also get video testimonials from people who have used your products and services. These can be used on social media and on your website and is a great way of building more credibility to your brand.

By other people endorsing you on video, your credibility shoots up!

Hope these ideas work and just keep at it. The first few times you do a video you might cringe at it but it really does get easier the more you do!!

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