10 Ideas To Post Between Christmas and New Years Day

Having posts ready to cover the gap between Christmas and New Years should be an important part of your social media and marketing strategy.


This is the time of the year when most companies have stopped working at full capacity which means that they could well be at home and spending more time on social media. This means you should be ramping up your content so they can see it.

But their thoughts might not on work issues at this time of year so this content must be more relaxed and focused not on products or service, but focused on engaging, fun and educating content.

So here are 10 ideas for posts you could create that have worked with some of my clients over the last few years.

  1. Share what your highlights have been for the year
  2. Share what are you looking forward to in the next year
  3. Ask your audience questions to get them thinking and engaging
  4. Throwback pictures of previous campaigns, local town, team, events etc.
  5. Thank you posts to suppliers, customers and team members
  6. Post fun facts about your industry
  7. Produce daily new content answering important questions
  8. Talk about the trends to look out for in the next year
  9. Produce showcases on products or team members
  10. Review of your top released content and re-release them

Hope you find some of these useful and let me know if you have any other ideas that you’ve used in your business!

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