My Highlights of 2019

Copy of Copy of Facebook Post – Untitled DesignI feel that I have had an incredible year and myself and my business has developed in ways I hadn’t thought about at the start of 2019. Projects that I thought would take off didn’t, opportunities came that I didn’t think would be possible and my mindset and health have improved for the better.

Anyway….. let’s get into my 10  highlights of this year!

  • My business still here with more clients than 12 months ago. Standard of clients are ace, challenging and lovely and I wouldn’t change them or the projects for the world!
  • Been on various radio shows and started my new podcast called The Grow Show
  • Recognised as the Community leader of 4Networking in December which has over 28,000 people inside the group and love it!
  • Spoke at 32 events in locations ranging from Manchester, Birmingham to Milton Keynes and includes an opening of a bandstand, chairing debates and business shows
  • Produced high quality blogs, videos and pictures for my clients which have been shown at awards ceremonies and featured in the press
  • Started daily exercising, meditating, reading and feel more centred than ever before
  • Revamp marketing assets, promotional items and planning the re-brand for 2020
  • Clear focus on my future goals and the path to get there
  • Larger network of people from around the UK
  • My communities, knowledge, skills and awareness have improved on a daily basis

It’s been an incredible year for myself and GROW and please share with us below what your highlights have been!

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