How are you using your commute?

However popular working from home is at the moment, the majority of people will commute to their place of work at some point during their working week.

As well as the physical action of getting there (ie, driving, walking, cycling, sitting on public transport etc), this can give people a chance to do a few more things at the same time.

I spotted this whilst on my commute to a networking event where I was talking.

I first walked to the train station whilst listening to a podcast (the episode was all about how different successful companies are built) and then read on the train. In the taxi on the way to the venue, I wrote some notes and prepared for the talk.

Whilst I was in the train, I looked around at what people were doing. These were some of the things I saw…..

  • Watching their tablet or phone
  • Reading a book
  • Doing their makeup
  • Listening to music
  • Making notes on the phone
  • Working on their laptop
  • Sleeping
  • Talking to the person next to them

So, I’m asking the question today…. How are you using your commute to develop yourself?

Can you start listening to podcasts instead of music, read instead watch your favourite programme or just simply use the commute to switch off and relax.

All of these are good ideas and could be used at different times depending on your mood and energy levels.

The main important thing is to use your time in the best way for you and you remain safe.

Let me know what you do on your commute and please stay safe (so no reading whilst driving!!).

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