Should your business be talking about La Vuelta?

On Saturday 24th August, La Vuelta a España started!

The 2019 La Vuelta a España is a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage race that is taking place in Spain, Andorra and France between 24 August and 15 September 2019.

The race will be the 74th edition of La Vuelta a España and will be the final Grand Tour of the 2019 cycling season.

For the majority of businesses and people, this will mean nothing and they will not even be aware that this is on. However, if you love cycling or your company, suppliers to clients are into the race, you should be to.

But why?

One of the main rules of marketing is to understand your customer and talk about what they are talking about. In a nutshell, if they are interested, you should be talking about it.

This can be sometimes hard to weave into your social media and your marketing plans so here are a few ideas depending on what industry you’re in!

Gyms and Health Clubs: Run challenges for your members based on the 3-week race.

Food Retailers: Use examples of your products that could fuel the riders during and after each stages.

Business Coaches: Talk about the techniques that the riders/team would be using. Look at the team tactics, briefings and ways they improve the riders mindsets.

Hotels: Talk about the tweaks that the team could make to improve the riders stay. Also, if you have hotels in the areas close the race, post about their availability.

Physiotherapists: Talk about the ways the riders recover after each stage and how riders can work on their own bodies.

Cycling Retailers: Showcase the individual stage and talk about the results each day. Also showcase the clothing, accessories and bikes they would be using.

Car manufacturers: Talk about the vehicles that they would be using and what they will be going through. Supply routes to your customers if they wanted to recreate the routes after the race.

Communication Firms: Talk about how the teams and riders are communicating and the technology behind it.

There are many more ways you can weave the ace into your strategy especially if one of your suppliers or clients are participating in the event.

If I’ve missed your industry, let us know and I’ll add an idea for your sector hope you enjoy the La Vuelta!!

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