Grow Marketing Subscription will be launching in 2019

  • Do you need on going marketing support but on a budget?
  • Are you posting on Social Media without a plan and nothing to show for it?
  • Are you looking to get more sales leads but do not know where to start?

I will be offering a monthly marketing subscription that will be able to solve any of the above problems for you when you become a member of the Grow Marketing Subscription.

I get it, You set up a business because you love what you do and you want to help others. Along the way, you realise you have to market your business and you just post on social media once, twice or every day without a plan. Then after a while, you get fed up as you haven’t seen any results from social media so you stop doing it. The problem isn’t social media, it is not having a plan to be able to use social media effectively.

So, What is the Grow Marketing Subscription?

The Grow Marketing Subscription is a way of having me as part of your business supporting you each month. I will be there to give advice, help you plan your marketing, review your messages and make sure you are sending the right content. I will also hold you accountable if you need someone to push you to complete that weekly Blog or monthly Newsletter that you have said you will do “at some point”.

You will get the following for ONLY £25 per month.

* A daily mini challenge to give you ideas of what to do on that day within your marketing.

* Access to a weekly blog exclusive to members with a challenge for you to complete.

* 30 minute Skype or telephone call once a month to review your social media.

* A free guide on different topics each month.

* Private Facebook Group for members to share advice and network.

* Monthly Facebook Live Slot on different topics (held by the members and myself).

* Telephone support when required.

  • Are you struggling to stand out from the competition?
  • Do you want to use social media for your business but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you afraid if you carry on the way you are, the business could end?

What are the benefits are being in The Grow Marketing Subscription?

As a member you will get:

* A structured way of marketing that will take away the stress of planning.

* Support from me to help you if you cannot figure out how to do something.

* Access to a different 14 Day Challenge each month so you can learn when you have a spare few moments.

* The support of others in the private Facebook Group.

* You are not tied into a 12-month contract! This is based on a month to month basis so if you want to stop at any time then you can (payment is for the month ahead).

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  • Still not sure? What is stopping you from changing?

If you are feeling like any of the above quotes apply to you then you need to change and sign up. If you do what you have always done, you will get the results you have always had! With the support from myself and with your knowledge of your industry, we can work together to make

sure that your marketing is working the best it can be.

If you would like to sign up for this, fill out the form below and I will be in touch with the first invoice and access to the Private Facebook Group within 24 hours of the payment being received. The welcome email will give you timings of when the activities per month will take place.

If I sold all of this separately, this would total over £200 per month!

I am here to help and support your marketing and I look forward to working with you!

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