Say Hello to the Social Media Scorecard!

Hello and welcome to the Social Media Scorecard!

This scorecard has been made to help you get the most out of social media whilst adding a little bit of fun into it. It is aimed at businesses and if you follow it, you will improve your digital footprint which in turn will increase awareness to your brand. It will also give you a guide to follow if you are not sure how and when to post (plus giving people a challenge!).

There are four really simple rules:

Each part is worth 4 points and all scores are out of 100
You are only trying to beat your previous score, everyone has the same goal as you
The only person you are cheating if you make up your score is yourself
If you score a perfect 100, you need to prove how you did it

It is really that simple! If you start using this, you will find that you will start to see the following benefits:

You will be increasing your digital footprint
You will be creating new and exciting content
You will be holding yourself accountable
You will have a greater understaning of what works, and what doesn’t


Are you ready to begin? Let’s get going!

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