5 Things to do at any event!

Social media is a great way of telling people you are any event, allowing fans of your work to come see you. To help, I have put together this useful 5 Things to do list to help you make the most of your event.

5 Things to do at eventsTake a selfie or record a video to tell people you are here!

This is your chance to tell your audience, on each of your social media platforms, that you are at the event and that they should come and visit you! The easiest way is to take a picture of your stall (so they can see what you are exhibiting and can see you easier when they get there), or take a selfie at your stall or by the events logo, poster or event organisers/volunteers.

Take a photo of your stand to show what’s available

You can whet peoples appetites as to what you will have on your stall! Make people want to seek out your stall and what you are exhibiting/selling!

Find out what the hashtag is for the event

This is a brilliant way to talk to fellow exhibitors, let visitors know you are there and show the organisers you are interested in the event online. People who are not at the event could also see your post and if they need a product or service you are offering, they might come and visit you which might lead to a sale either now or in the future.

Connect with other people at the event on social media

Every vendor who you meet at the event would no doubt be happy for you to follow their social media pages. Think about their Facebook Business Pages, Personal Page (dependent on how well you know them), Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels. This is networking without the stress!

This is also a great opportunity to talk to the organiser of the event and see if they have any upcoming events that you could become involved in. They may have other opportunities for you that could raise your profile even more (including exhibiting, sponsoring, supplying items for gift bags etc).

Have a sign up form to thank people for coming to your stand after the event!

This is your chance to build, or add, to your email list! Keep your audience updated on new pieces, where you will be exhibiting next, and any special offers you might have. This can be done electronically on a tablet or phone (using a platform like Mailchimp) or you could print off a sign up sheet. Just be careful about the security of the data and being GDPR compliant.


If you would like to see more hints and tips, take a look at this Social Media Guide that I produced for the Art in the Park Festival.

Good luck and let me know how you got on!

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