8 ways to make your social media more vibrant!

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I see a lot of mistakes happening on social media. In the past, I have made a lot of them myself (and probably more!)
This could be down to not having the skills, getting bored and falling into a rut, not having enough time so you are scheduling everything – or something else entirely.
Either way, here are 8 ways you can freshen up your social media and become more engaging which might also give you a few new ideas if you fall into any of the above (or please share this if you know anyone who does!).
Make sure your profiles are complete. 
Your profile page on social media could be the difference in making a sale and losing a sale. It is your chance to make sure whoever is looking at it sees you in the best light. This means having good quality images (is your LinkedIn profile picture professional?), up to date information in the bio sections, website links that work and a professional persona which highlights you and your business.

Top Tip – Review your profile and make sure all the fields are filled out. Ensure all your branding is the same across each of the platforms and all website links are up to date and working.

Use video and live streaming to engage with your audience. 
People buy people so video and live streaming (through Facebook Live and Periscope) is a great way to interact and share your message. It’s not as scary as it seems, you get used to doing it and it is worth it.

Top Tip –Watch a Facebook Live or a Periscope and then do one yourself. It doesn’t have to be long but give it a go!

Use photos, videos, links to websites, blogs, podcasts and GIFs to add spice to your timeline. 
We are all busy people and we have now learnt how to skim read social media. If you have a text-only post, followed by another post with just text, it will all blend into one. All you need to do is start posting photos, videos, links to websites, blog posts, podcasts and GIFs and your timeline will be so much more interesting and engaging.

Top Tip – Start posting more photos, links and all of the above you make your timeline more vibrant and spicy.

Have a variety of messages to share with your audience. 
It is great if you are passionate about something but please do not keep repeating the same message over and again. People will get bored and will either unfollow or stop engaging with your posts.

Top Tip – Have at least 5 key messages and keep rotating them. At least this way you will always have something fresh to say.

Adjust your message to suit the platform. 
Please, please, please do not send the exact same message on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn! Each different platform allows you to have different styles of messages and it frankly looks tacky if you link all the accounts.

Top Tip – Cross pollination of content is great but change the delivery to suit the platform.

Connect with different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
Groups are great for engagement and a brilliant way of building your network online. Remember, don’t just spam these with #buymystuff posts but use them to connect, engage and educate the members in your particular field.

Top Tip  Join and engage with groups and if you can, set one up for yourself! Whatever you do, don’t spam all of the groups with the same message.

Respond to messages in a quick and professional manner.
Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, if someone sends you a question, a request in a tweet or a message, it is important for you to get back to them as soon as you can. You mustn’t ignore them and should therefore check your messages often, just in case. If you don’t respond then there is a good chance the person who sent the message isn’t going to be too happy with you and that isn’t professional.

Top Tip –if people want to engage with you by asking a question or sending a message then reply back and check your inboxes regularly!

Have fun and remember it’s social media! 
As it is called social media it is OK to talk to people online. Comment on their pictures, videos or links and share their content if you love it. It is also OK to talk about non-work related items especially if it gets the reader to know you a little more.

Top Tip – Don’t always talk about work and post #buymystuff posts. Engage with people’s posts and tell them more about you so they trust you more.

Hope you found this article OK and if you did, please share with anyone who you think might need it!

Speak to you soon.

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